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Saddleworth school Oldham

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2012-07-27 22:03:28
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Q: Where did the olympic swimmer jessica Lloyd go to school?
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When was Lloyd Memorial High School created?

Lloyd Memorial High School was created in 1928.

Which American has 4 gold olympic medals?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, the following American have won at least four gold medals in Olympic competition: 1) 14 gold medals - swimmer Michael Phelps 2) 9 gold medals - swimmer Mark Spitz, track and field Carl Lewis 3) 8 gold medals - swimmer Matt Biondi, swimmer Jenny Thompson 4) 6 gold medals - swimmer Amy Van Dyken 5) 5 gold medals - shooter Carl Osborn, swimmer Gary Hall, swimmer Aaron Peirsol, shooter Willis Lee, swimmer Tom Jager, swimmer Anton Heida, swimmer Don Schollander, speed skater Bonnie Blair, swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, shooter Alfred Lane, shooter Morris Fisher, speed skater Eric Heiden 6) 4 gold medals - swimmer Dara Torres, swimmer Charlie Daniels, shooter Lloyd Spooner, swimmer Jason Lezak, track and field Evelyn Ashford, swimmer Janey Evens, diver Greg Louganis, swimmer John Naber, track and field Mel Sheppard, basketball Teresa Edwards, cyclist Marcus Hurley, swimmer Jon Olsen, track and field harrison Dillard, track and field Michael Johnson, track and field Alvin Kraenzlein, diver Pat McCormick, track and field Al Oerter, track and field Jesse Owens, swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg, basketball Lisa Leslie

Where does Lloyd Daniels go to school?

Lloyd Daniels goes to school at Afon Taff Comprehensive. And his pimary school was Edwardsville Primary school. I hope this answered your question xx Luv ya Lloyd xxx

Who is Cher Lloyd's favourite actor?

Cher Loyd's favorite actor is Jessica Simpson

When was Lloyd V. Berkner High School created?

Lloyd V. Berkner High School was created in 1969.

When was David Lloyd George Elementary School created?

David Lloyd George Elementary School was created in 1921.

What high school did Lloyd bridges attend?

Lloyd Bridges graduated from Petaluma High School, Petaluma, CA in 1931.

What is David Lloyd George Elementary School's motto?

The motto of David Lloyd George Elementary School is 'Remember the Four B's'.

What is the motto of Lloyd V. Berkner High School?

The motto of Lloyd V. Berkner High School is 'It's a Great Time to be a Ram.'.

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Jake Lloyd graduated from Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana and he is currently attending Columbia College Chicago.

What school did Lloyd Daniels go to school?

He went to Afon Taf.

What was Cher Lloyd's high school?

st andrews high school

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