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The Kentucky Derby is run in Churchill Downs. The first race was in 1875, won by a horse named Aristides. The Kentucky Derby has always been run at Churchill Downs.

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Q: Where did the oldest Kentucky Derby to place?
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What is the oldest horserace?

The Kentucky Derby

Who is the oldest living Kentucky Derby winner?

After the death of Strike the Gold earlier this week, Sea Hero (1993) is now the oldest living Kentucky Derby winner.

Is the Kentucky Derby the biggest horse race meet in the world?

Yes the Kentucky Derby is the largest horse race in the world and it is also the oldest.

What is the oldest horse race in the US?

Kentucky Derby held annually in Louisville, KentuckyThe Travers at Saratoga is the oldest horse race in the US, not the KY Derby

Who was the oldest jockey to win the Kentucky Derby?

William Shoemaker

Where does the Kentucky Derby take place?

The Kentucky Derby takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. It's held at Churchill Downs on Central Avenue in south Louisville. The first Derby took place on May 17, 1875

What is the oldest sporting event in the US since 1875?

Kentucky Derby

What is the significance of the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is America's oldest continuous sports event. The first Kentucky Derby was run in 1875, and was won by a horse named Aristides. It has been run every year since. It is also one of the richest races in America, offering a $2,000,000 purse. The Kentucky Derby is the pinnacle of horse racing. Every trainer, owner and jockey aims to win it.

What year did horse racing begin in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Derby is one of the USA's oldest thoroughbred horse races (the Travers Stakes being the oldest, first ran in 1864). The horse racing in Kentucky began in 1875.

Where in Kentucky does the Kentucky Derby take place?

Louisville, Kentucky at the race way Churchill Downs

Can women ride in the Kentucky Derby?

Yes, women can ride in the Kentucky Derby as of 1969. The first women was Diane Crump and she finished in 15th place.

Which famous horse race takes place in Kentucky?

It is the Kentucky Derby.

Who got 3rd place in the Kentucky Derby?


In the Kentucky Derby what does win place and show mean?

In the Kentucky Derby -- and all thoroughbred races -- "win" in the horse that comes in first, "place" is the horse that finishes 2nd, and "show" is the horse that finishes 3rd.

How many horses can be in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is now limited to 20 horses. Before a limit was put in place, the most horses that ran in the Derby was 23 in 1974, the 100th anniversary of the Run for the Roses.

What are dates for Kentucky horse racing?

The Kentucky derby takes place on the first Saturday of every May.

What time zone is the Kentucky Derby in?

The time zone at the time and place of the Kentucky Derby (Louisville in May) is Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT), which is UTC - 4 hours.

Who was the oldest jockey aged 54 to win the Derby?

On May 3rd 1986, jockey Bill Shoemaker (aboard Ferdinand) won his 4th Kentucky Derby at age 54.

Where is the horse derby held?

Several races include the word "derby" in the title (the Kentucky Derby, the Florida Derby, the Epsom Derby, etc.) A race called a "derby" generally means that it is for 3 yr. old horses. In American racing however, if one simply says, "The Derby" it is thought that (s)he is referring to the Kentucky Derby, America's most pristigious race and oldest athletic event of any kind. It ihas been held at Churchhill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May every year since 1875.

What is the oldest place in Kentucky?


What is the name of the place the Kentucky Derby is held?

Louisville Churchill Downs

What is the name of the racetrack where the Kentucky Derby takes place?

Churchill Downs

Who came in last place in the 2011 Kentucky Derby?

Comma To The Top

When was Kentucky Derby created?

Kentucky Derby was created in 1875.

Where is the Kentucky Derby held?

The Kentucky Derby is held annually in Louisville, Kentucky.