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The legend is that the team was named after head coach Paul Brown.

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Q: Where did the name Browns in Cleveland Browns come from?
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When did the browns come back to Cleveland?

The Browns came back to Cleveland in 1999.

What was the first name for the Cleveland Browns?

The first name for the Cleveland Browns were the Cleveland Rams. The team formed in 1937.

What is the name of the field where the Cleveland Browns play?

Cleveland browns stadium. Its lame but true

What state do the Cleveland Browns come from?


What is the name of the stadium that the browns play in?

Cleveland Browns Stadium......

Did the Cleveland Browns ever have another name in history?

The Cleveland Rams

Did the Cleveland Browns ever have another name?

No but they were going to be called the Cleveland bombers

What is Cleveland's football team's name?

The Cleaveland Browns

Who are the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns are an NFL team based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

After the Browns moved to Baltimore how did Cleveland get a new team?

As part of the legal agreement to keep the Browns name, history, and franchise records in the city of Cleveland, the NFL promised Cleveland that they would establish another Browns franchise in Cleveland at some point in the future. It took about 4 years for the Browns to be re-established in Cleveland.

Where do the Cleveland Browns play?

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have played at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to that the Browns played at Municipal Stadium, which was torn down to have Cleveland Browns Stadium built in it's place.

When was Cleveland Browns created?

Cleveland Browns was created in 1946.

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