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The first Tied Test was played between the West Indies and Australia. The match was played at the Brisbane Cricket Ground, known as "The Gabba", in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, between December 9 and December 14, 1960. As the first ever tied Test, it is often referred to as The Tied Test, which most cricket followers will understand unambiguously. ; West Indies 1st Innings : After a disastrous start of 65-3, Garry Sobers made a rapid 132 in 174 minutes. Alan Davidson took 5-135. West Indies were all out for 453 runs. ; Australia 1st Innings : Norm O'Neill made 181 in 401 minutes. Australia were all out for 505, a lead of 52. ; West Indies 2nd Innings : Alan Davidson took 6-87 and West Indies made 284, setting Australia a target of 233 runs to win. ; Australia 2nd innings : Davidson and Australian captain Richie Benaud set a 7th-wicket partnership record of 134 between the West Indies and Australia. : : : The last over of the Australian 2nd inningsWes Hall was Bowling, with the clock showing 5:56. Australia stood at 227-7, needing six runs to win from the 8-ball over (the standard for Tests in Australia at the time) with three wickets in hand. * 1st ball : Wally Grout, facing, was hit on the thigh. Benaud called him through for a single to take strike. Five runs were needed to win from seven balls. * 2nd ball : Benaud attempted a hook shot but was caught behind by wicket-keeper Gerry Alexander. The score was 228-8. * 3rd ball : The new batsman, Ian Meckiff, cut to mid-off. No run. Still five runs to win from five balls. * 4th ball : The ball flew down leg-side without making contact with Meckiff's bat. Grout called him through for a bye. Alexander threw the ball to the bowler's end to try to run out Meckiff, but his throw missed and Meckiff made his ground. Four runs to win from four balls. * 5th ball : Grout fended a bouncer to square leg, where Rohan Kanhai was ready to take the catch. Hall also attempted to take the catch in his follow-through, resulting in a fielding mix-up which allows Meckiff and Grout take a single and the catch was not taken. Three runs to win from three balls. * 6th ball : Meckiff swung desperately and sent the ball towards the mid-wicket boundary. The batsmen ran two runs as Conrad Hunte scooped the ball up just inside the fence. The batsmen attempted a third run for victory but Hunte's return was flat and true, straight into the gloves of Alexander, who whipped off the bails before Grout could get home. The teams were tied. Australia were on 232-9, requiring one run to win with one wicket in hand and two balls remaining. * 7th ball : The new batsman, Lindsay Kline, pushed the ball to square leg and set off for a single. Joe Solomon scooped up the ball and, with one stump to aim for from 12 metres out, threw the ball in like a rocket, to run Meckiff out by a few inches. : Australia were all out for 232 and the match ended in the first tie in 84 years of Test cricket.

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Q: Where did the first cricket test end in a tie?
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