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Cricket world cup final at Melbourne cricket ground in 1992 packed with 90,000 people

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Q: What is the record attendance at a domestic cup tie?
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What is the record attendance at a European cup tie?

betuine 0 and 0 :)

What was the capacity of scunthorpe's old showground?

Scunthorpe's record attendance of 23,935 was set at the Old Showground on30 January 1954 for an FA Cup 4th round tie against Portsmouth.

Largest premier league attendance at villa park?

The highest attendance ever achieved at Villa Park was 76,588 on 2 March 1946 in an FA Cup 6th round tie against Derby County. The highest attendance in the all-seater era was 42,788 which was recorded on 29 December 2009 in a Premiership game against Liverpool.

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Which lancashire football club holds the record for the most goals scored in a F A cup tie?

I think is may be Preston - many years ago - 26 goals?

What is the maximum capacity of Aston Villa's stadium Villa Park?

The capacity is 42,788 and the highest attendance when it was not all seated, was 76,588 in 1946 in an FA Cup 6th Round tie with Derby County. The highest attendance when the stadium was all seated was 42,788 in 2009 in a Premiership match with Liverpool. The club has plans to increase the capacity to around 50,000.

What lancashire football club holds the record number of goals scored in a FA cup tie?

That is Preston North End. They beat Hyde 26-0 in the first round in 1887.

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