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The Packers began playing at Lambeau in 1957. Prior to that, their home in Green Bay was City Stadium between 1925-1956. They also played games in Milwaukee and the stadiums they used where Borchert Field, Wisconsin State Fair Park, Marquette Stadium, and Milwaukee County Stadium.

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Q: Where did the Packers play before Lambeau Field was built?
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What year was Lambeau Field built?

Lambeau Field is an outdoor field that was built in 1957 for the Green Bay Packers to play in. It has seen many championship games.

What was the home stadium of the packers in their first year joining the APFL?

packer stadium now Lambeau field built in 1957

When was Lambeau Field built?

Construction was started in 1956 and finished in 1957. It was known as City Stadium until 1965 when it was renamed for Curly Lambeau (Packers' founder, player, and head coach) who had passed away earlier in the year.

Why were the Green Bay Packers called the ACME Packers?

Curly Lambeau founded the Packers and built his team around the ACME meat packing company he worked for.

What is the oldest football stadium currently in use by an NFL team?

Lambeau field Correction - Soldier field opened in 1924, while Lambeau field was built in 1956. Soldier field has had a few renovations and parts rebuilt, which has caused the government to de-classify it as a landmark, and many people to not consider it as the oldest field anymore. College teams and NFL teams both have played at Fraklin Field, which is still in use by the University of Pennsylvania collegiate teams and was built in 1895.

What was on the site of US Cellular Field before it was built?

Before U.S. Cellular Field/Guaranteed Rate Field was built it was a parking lot.

What is the capacity for Lambeau Field?

When it was built in 1957,it had a capacity of 32.500 spectators.There are expansions and renovations going on there.In the end of 2013,it will have a capacity of 79.000 spectators.

Why does a football field have a hump?

Football fields that are built without a dome for cover from the weather have a hump running the length of the field to help with runoff from heavy rain. Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin is a good example of a football field that has a hump.

What was the land before the trafford centre was built?

The land was a brown-field site

When was White Sox field built?

The new field was built in 1991, it was renamed US cellular field in 2002

What stadium do the eagles play in?

They play in Lincoln Financial Field. It was built in 2003. Before that they played in Veteran's Stadium.

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