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The last summer Olympics were in Beijing , the last winter Olympics were in Vancouver.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Where did the Olympic sports take place?
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Why do the olympic games take place?

to celebrate sports

How many different sports will take place at the 2012 olympic games?


What 3 sports made there debut at the 2002 summer Olympic games?

The Summer Olympic Games did not take place in 2002.

What are the different Olympic events that competitors can take part in?

in the Olympic sports

In which country next olympic take place?

in which country next olympic will take place ?

How is aquatics played in the Olympics?

Aquatics is the category name for Olympic sports that take place in water. These sports are swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo.

Where did the first olympic game take place?

The first Olympic game was taken place in Greece

Where are the Olympic sports taking place?

The winter Olympics in 2010? Vancouver, Canada...

Name of Olympic sports from a to z?

a-z of olympic sports

Where did the first olympic take place?


When will winter Olympic take place?


Where did Olympic take place in 2008?


Where does the olympic torch relay take place?

the olympic torch relay takes place in the United kingdom

Where will olympic long jump take place 2012?

Long JumpIt is taking place in the Olympic Stadium.

What are some trial Olympic sports?

The Olympic demonstration sports can be found by using the link to the Wikipedia article on Olympic Sports.

Why do olympic sports get added on every 4 years?

The olympic comitee meet every four years and decide about changing the sports that take part in the ganes.

Where do most olympic games take place?

Olympic games can take place anywhere in the world. Past Olympic games have been in Atlanta, GA, Russia, Beijing, and Greece.

Which indoor sports are in the winter Olympics?

The 4 Winter Olympic sport that take place indoors are Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Curling, and Hockey.

Olympic sports with most medal opportunities?

What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities? What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities?

How many sports are there in the 2010 Olympic winter games?

there are 12 Olympic games and they take place in these places Sports including curling, ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating take place Vancouver. Cypress Mountain, towering over Vancouver is host to freestyle skiing and snowboard events. Alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, bobsleighs and luge takes place in Whistler.

What sports took place in the ancient Olympic games?

basketball swimming yo mom

What will be the oldest sports event taking place in the 2012 olympic games?

track and field

Where did the ancient Olympic game take place?

it took place in Olympia

Which sports is not an olympic sports?


How many Olympic sports are in the London 2012 Olympic games?

26 sports.