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The Baby Ruth candy bar is named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter whose name was Babe Ruth .

actually it was named after the base ball player. "Babe Ruth"

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The candy bar is a Baby Ruth and its name has nothing to do with Babe Ruth. They are made in Chicago and was named for Ruth Cleveland, daughter of President Cleveland.

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Q: Where did the Babe Ruth candy bar come from?
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What candy bar was named after baseball player in 1968?

For a brief period there was a candy bar named a "Reggie" after Reggie Jackson. The Baby Ruth was not named after Babe Ruth.

What is interesting about Babe Ruth?

Has his own candy bar(?)

When was the babe Ruth candy bar invented?

Baby Ruth debuted in 1922 .

What candy is named after famous baseball player?

There was, briefly, a candy bar named the "Reggie Bar" named after Reggie Jackson. The Baby Ruth was NOT named after Babe Ruth.

What baseball player had a candy bar named after him after his rookie year?

Reggie Jackson and the Reggie Bar in 1976. ostensibly Babe Ruth has been credited for the Baby Ruth (which is still under debate), but for sure Reggie Jackson had "The Reggie Bar" named after him and it was a flop!

What Famous kid named after a candy bar?

Baby Ruth? I think! The candy bar company insisted that babe Ruth was named after grover Cleveland daughter Ruth soo the answer to your question would be Ruth Cleveland..=]

Which president had the Babe Ruth candy bar which is still made today was named after his president's daughter not the famous baseball star Babe Ruth?

The Company that first produced the candy bar claimed it was named after Ruth Clevland but it's been heavily speculated that it was a way to capitalize on Babe Ruth's popularity without compensating him. The candy bar came out in 1921 when Ruth was probably the biggest celebrity in America and 15 years after Ruth Clevland had died. Ruth took legal action against the company to try to get compensation but lost. In the 90's Ruth's estate and Nestle actually made an agreement to use Ruth in their marketing.

What candy bar was named after Grover Cleveland daughter?

Ruth Cleveland , daughter of President Cleveland was claimed by the Curtiss Candy Company to be the namesake of the Baby Ruth candy bar. However, the bar came out in 1921 when Babe Ruth was making news for his baseball heroics and Baby Ruth Cleveland was dead and nearly forgotten.

What candy bar or sweet treat does Home 14 Visitors 7 represent?

Babe Ruth

What are facts about the Baby Ruth Candy Bar?

the baby Ruth bar wasnt named after the legendary baseball player babe Ruth but president Cleveland's daughter Ruth Cleveland who died 16 years before the candy was invented

Was the Baby Ruth chocolate bar named after Babe Ruth?

Otto Schnering, the founder and president of the Curtis Candy company, named the candy bar after his infant neice, whose name was "Ruth". Babe Ruth, the baseball player, called on Mr. Schnering and demanded that he be given a royalty, but Mr. Schnering showed him a picture of the real baby, Ruth, sitting on his desk, and refused to pay anything to the baseball player.

What candy bar was named after a world leader's daughter?

Baby Ruth. Or so the company ripping off babe Ruth claimed