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It came from England

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Q: Where did tennis come from?
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Where do tennis come from?


When did tennis come to Britain?

About 1457

Were did table tennis come from?


What are some colors Tennis balls come in?

tennis balls usually come in the colour of bright yellow. it's basically the usual color tennis balls are seen as.

Where did Venus Williams come from?

the tennis player

When has tennis masters on Wii come out?


When did table tennis come to the us?


How many table tennis balls come in a pack?

Table tennis balls come in a variety of package sizes from 4 to 144. They also come in a variety of colors.

When did tennis come to America?

Lawn tennis or modern tennis, created by Walter Wingfield was brought to America by Mary Outerbridge in 1874.

Do tennis skirts come in extra large sizes for women?

Yes! Tennis skirts come in XL sizes for women. and are websites you can buy XL skirts from! They all come with different styles, sizes, and colors!

Which sports come from England?

Cricket, tennis and soccer.

Where did waluigi come from?

Mario Tennis in the year 2000

Will Mario tennis come out on virtual console?

it will be out 18.6.2010

When will Prince of Tennis ova 26 come out?


How did Serena Williams come famous?

By playing tennis

Where did the name let come from in tennis?

let came to tennis to represent ''letting'' the players redo the point

How do you build a tennis ball machine?

You can build a tennis ball machine kit by purchasing a tennis ball machine kit. The tennis ball machine kit will come with detailed instructions.

Tennis come from which country?

Tennis probably originated in France; the ball being hit with the palm of the hand. The game was developed into Real Tennis in England and was particularly liked by Henry VIII. Modern tennis (or lawn tennis) was developed in England from Real Tennis.

When will Prince of Tennis ova 24 come out?

oct 25

When will prince of tennis OVA 23 sub come out?


Which town does tennis ace Andy Murray come from?


Where did this idiom come from'' the ball is in your court''?

It comes from the game of tennis.

What has the author Venus Williams written?

Venus Williams has written: 'How to play tennis' -- subject(s): Tennis 'Come to Win'

When will prince of tennis OVA 25 raw come out?

it will come out in 2 weeks if im correct.

What is a favorite sport in Kansas?

Soccer and tennis. I come from Kansas No it is not it is football and basketball and i come from Kansas to.