Where did tennis begin?

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Tennis began in England. I truthfully don't know when, or by who, just that it was invented in England.

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Q: Where did tennis begin?
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When did tennis begin?

It started in France in the early 12th century.

Where and when did tennis begin?

Tennis was first played in France about 900 years ago - with people using the palms of their hands.

What is the term for the start of a tennis match?

There is no "term" for the start of a tennis match. After the players' warm-up has completed, professional tennis matches officially begin when the chair umpire says, "play." Amateur and unofficiated matches usually begin by the server asking the receiver if he/she is "ready".

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Fault Foot fault.

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Rod Laver Arena is a famous tennis facility in Melbourne, Australia. It was named after the Australian tennis star Rod Laver.

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