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He played for Pittsburgh Penguins and they won it in Detroit in game 7.

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Q: Where did sidny Crosby win his Stanley cup?
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When did Sidney Crosby win the Stanley cup?


What year did Sidney Crosby win the Stanley cup?


What years did Sidney Crosby win the stanley cup?


Who is the youngest captian in the NHL to win the Stanley cup?

Sydney Crosby

How many times has Sidney Crosby won the Stanley Cup?

Sidney Crosby has won the Stanley cup once, in 2009. He became the youngest captain to win the Stanley Cup, just under 22 years of age.

What year did the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup with Sidney Crosby?

This would be 2009.

Who was the youngest player to win the Stanley cup and gold medal?

Sidney Crosby Correction it not Sidney Crosby Anymore. It Jonathan Toews :D

Which year month day did Sidney Crosby win the Stanley cup?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Did Jordan tootoo win the Stanley cup?

No, he did not win the Stanley Cup.

Where can you find the Sidney Crosby video with a fake mouth crying about losing the Stanley cup?

the penguins did win the cup in 08-09. they lost in the playoffs

Did Troy Crosby win any Stanley Cups?


Did Don Cherry win Stanley cup as coach?

no he did not win a Stanley cup as a coach

When did the Penguins win the Stanley cup in the 80's?

The Penguins did not win the Stanley Cup in the 80's.

Who is the youngest NHL captain to win the Stanely Cup?

Sidney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, won his first Stanley Cup 21 years of age.

How old was Sidney Crosby when he won his Stanley cup?

he was 21 he was the youngest captain in NHL history to ever win the Stanley cup his salary is 475 million dollars a year he plays with the Pittsburgh pens

Did Troy Crosby ever win any Stanley cups?


Will the Pittsburgh penguins win the Stanley cup?

of Pittsburgh will win because the have Crosby the last game played of Pittsburgh and Detroit was winning game for Pittsburgh cause they won 4 to 2 they won the Stanley cup this year 2009 baby by the sexy see

Did Sydney Crosby ever play for Edmonton Oilers?

No...... he only playes for the Pittsburgh penguins and is the youngest captin to ever win a Stanley cup

When did the Chicago Blackhawks win their first Stanley Cup?

The first Stanley Cup win for the Chicago Blackhawks was in 1934.

How many stanley cups did Sidney Crosby win? 2009

Who win the Stanley cup?


Who will win the Stanley cup this year?

The Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup.

When did the phoenix coyotes win the Stanley cup?

Never, they haven't won a Stanley Cup.

Did Toronto win a Stanley Cup?

Yes, Toronto's last Stanley Cup was in 1969.

Why There Was A 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot?

Because Vancouver Did Not Win The Stanley Cup.