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Q: Where did c.s Lewis go to college?
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Was CS Lewis a reverend?

C.S. Lewis was surprisingly not a reverend, but a writer and college professor.

Is CS Lewis single?

No, CS Lewis is not single.

How many children does CS Lewis have?

CS Lewis has 2 children

Is CS Lewis a boy or a girl?

CS Lewis is a man

When was CS Lewis's canonization?

CS Lewis has not been canonised.

Did CS Lewis have a beard?

No, CS Lewis was clean shaven.

Why did sc Lewis start writing?

Do you possibly mean CS Lewis? Do you possibly mean CS Lewis?

What was CS Lewis's real name?

CS Lewis's real name is Clive Staples Lewis.

What genre are the CS Lewis books?

CS Lewis's novels are in the genre of Fantasy. However, it should be noted that CS Lewis also wrote numerous theological works.

What was cs Lewis favorite sport?

Cs lewis favorite sport was tackle football NRL

Was CS Lewis a girl or boy?

in his youth, CS Lewis was a boy. Later, he became a man.

Who did cs Lewis marry in 1956?

CS Lewis married Joy Gresham. She was also an author.

What was CS Lewis birthday?

CS Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland on 29 November 189.

What do cs from cs Lewis stand for?

Clive Staples Lewis - known to his friends and family as Jack

Did CS Lewis live on an island?

CS Lewis lived in Ireland and in England. Ireland is an island. England is part of the island of Great Britain. So, yes, CS Lewis lived on an island.

What is CS Lewis' favorite color?

CS Lewis' favourite color was of course...... GREEN! who doesn't like the color green?!

How many novels did cs Lewis w4ite?

cs Lewis w4ited 4ite novels in 4ite days.

What jobs did C.S. Lewis have other than writing books?

CS Lewis was a lecturer and professor. Lewis taught as a fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, from 1925 to 1954, and later became the first Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Where is the CS Lewis Library?

There are two main libraries for C.S. Lewis. One is at the Bodleian Library at Oxford University in England and the other is the Marion Wade Center at Wheaton College in, Illinois.

What is the name of CS Lewis's brother?

CS Lewis's brother was Warren Hamilton Lewis, born three years earlier on 16 June 1895.

How old was CS Lewis?

CS Lewis was almost 65 years old when he died on 22 November 1963.

How did cs Lewis died?

CS Lewis suffered a heart attack

Did CS Lewis have a tragedy in his childhood?

Yes. CS Lewis's mother died when he was just nine years old.

Where did John Lewis go to college?

John Lewis went to American Baptist College (BA)Fisk University (BA)

When did CS Lewis's mother die?

CS Lewis's mother died of cancer when he was just ten years old, in 1908.