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the gold coast

from Stephanie rice

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Stephanie Rice grew up in Brisbane, Australia.

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Q: Where did Stephanie Rice grow up?
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Where did Stephanie rice grow-up?

the gold coast from Stephanie Rice

What is Stephanie rice personal motto?

Stephanie Rice's personal motto is simple : "Never give up". Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who won 3 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

What is Stephanie Rice's country?

Stephanie Rice represents Australia.

Who is fitter - Kim Clijsters or Stephanie Rice?

stephanie rice

What is the weight of Stephanie Rice?

Stephanie Rice's weight is 67.0 KG

Why did Stephanie rice start swimming?

hey yeahwhy did Stephanie rice start swimming hey yeahwhy did Stephanie rice start swimming

What does Stephanie rice do for living?

they helps our body to grow and to work properly.They also give us energy

What sport dose Stephanie rice play?

Stephanie Rice does swimming as her career

Who does Stephanie rice sponsors?

Stephanie rice sponsors dominos pizzia and bonds.

What country does Stephanie rice play for?

Stephanie Rice plays for Australia.

Are there any notable skills about Stephanie rice?

what is stephanie rice notable skills

What is Stephanie Rice's middle name?

Stephanie Rice's middle name is Louise.