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what is Stephanie Rice notable skills

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Q: Are there any notable skills about Stephanie rice?
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Does Stephanie Rice have any kids?


Does Stephanie rice have any brothers and sisters?

Stephanie Rice has two siblings. A step brother and a step sister as the result of her mother's remarriage.

What is Stephanie rice's favorite colour?

any bright colour

Did Stephanie rice win any medals at the London Olympics?


Has Stephanie rice had any injuries?

yes she had a injury to her shoulder and she had to have surgery

Does Stephanie rice have any pets?

7 dogs and 1 cat(guessing)!!!

Does Stephanie rice have any siblings?

She has one half sister and one half brother

Did Stephanie Rice Break any records druin this years Olympics?

no she didn't because of her neck/shoulder

Did any family members of Stephanie rice come to Beijing?

yes i think Steph's mum and dad were there

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Does stephanie rice have any brothers or sisters?

Yes she does she has one half sister Courtney and one half brother Micheal

Does Stephanie rice have any sister or brothers?

Yes infact she does have siblings 5 of them 2 being a half brother and a half sister.......

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