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France was eliminated in the first round of the 2010 world cup.

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Q: Where did France finish in the World Cup 2010?
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When does the World Cup finish?

The world cup will finish on July 11/7/2010.

Is France out of World Cup 2010?

France have been eliminated from the World Cup 2010 in the Group stages.

How many goals did France score at the 2010 world cup?

France scored just one miserable goal at the 2010 world cup.

How many goals did France score during the 2010 world cup?

France scored one miserable goal in the 2010 world cup.

Who is France coach in the FIFA World Cup?

Raymond Domenech is the coach of France in the 2010 FIFA World Cup

What teams did France play in the 2010 world cup?

In the the 2010 world cup France played, South Africa, Mexico and Uruguay, and they lost badly.

When does World Cup qualifiers 2010 finish?

The last day of qualifying matches for the 2010 World Cup is the 14th October 2009.

Are France in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?


What is the worst soccer team?

It is France in the 2010 world cup.

Who did France lose to in the world cup 2010?

south Africa

Who is the France coach of in 2010 world cup?

Raymond Domenech

Did Ireland score against France in the world cup?

Ireland wasn't in the 2010 world cup at all.

Is Fernando Torres able to play the world cup 2010?


Who won last years football world cup?

Italy won the 2006 world cup by beating France on penalties. The next world cup will be in 2010.

Is South Africa still in The 2010 Fifa World Cup?

Yes they were hosting the world cup 2010 , but have been knocked out in the first round wit France.

Was the winner of the Suomen Cup in 2010?

TPS was the winner of the Finish Suomen Cup in 2010.

Which country does Thierry Henry play for in the Fifa World Cup 2010?


Who won France or Uruguay in world cup 2010?

It was a 0-0 draw.

Who is the captain of France in this world cup 2010?

The French captain is Theirry Henry.

Did France play in the 2010 world cup?

yes they did and lost like never

Who have France played in the 2010 World Cup?

France are in the same group as Uruguay, South Africa and Mexico.

What was the score for fifa world cup 2010 Uruguay vs France?

Uruguay 0 - 0 France

South Africa fifa world cup 2010 group A result?

Both South Africa and France were knocked out of the world cup.

When is Uruguay's first match in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

11 June 2010 (Uruguay V France)

How will finish Spain vs Germany in fifa world cup 2010?

Spain 1-3 Germany