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Q: Is Fernando Torres able to play the world cup 2010?
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How many goals did Fernando Torres score in the 2010 fifa world cup?

He was not able to Score any goals for Spain in the 2010 World Cup.

Why is Fernando Torres considered as a celebrity?

fernando torres used to be a world class striker at liverpool, but ever since he moved to chelsea, he has become famous for not being able to find the back of the net.

Will Torres be able to play for Chelsea in the champs leg against fc copenhagan?

No Fernando Torres is cup tied as he played for liverpool.

Would you be able to meet Fernando Torres?

C H I L D R E N ! " LIVERPOOL " is the name of a soccer/football team , bloody hell it IS NOT A PLACE ! . It is not that hard of a concept to grasp , quit pretending to be a fan . Gosh . Yes, you may be able to considering you know where he lives in Liverpool. Or meeting him after a football (soccer) match.

Can Scotland get to the World Cup in 2010?

Yes Scotland Can Because It's Not Fair For Scotland If They Can't. Any County Should Be Able To Particapate In The World Cup In 2010. So In Other Words Yes.

What country scored the least amount of goals in the 2010 world cup?

Algeria and Honduras. Neither of them were able to score a goal.

Who is Fray Fernando Moraga?

Fray Fernando Moraga is a Spanish friar.He journeyed to Spain despite his advanced age and feeble health to be able to implore King Philip III not to abandon the Philippines for the sake of Christianity.

Will real Madrid play in the 2010 world cup?

No. The World Cup is a competition for national sides, and since Real Madrid is a club side, it will not be able to compete. A lot of Real Madrid players, however, will be poised to compete in the World Cup.

When are the players able to buy the realty tv island?

in 2010

What were the Germans able to do in World War 2 that they were not able to do in World War 1?

eat pie

Do Jaden have a girlfriend in 2010?

Jaden has no girlfriend. If you were able to watch the MTV Movie Awards 2010 he said it there himself.

What was not able to prevent world war 2?

The League of Nations was not able to prevent world war 2.

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