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Notre Dame

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Q: Where did Alabama coach Frank Thomas play college ball?
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Which Alabama coach was George Gipps roommate at Notre Dame?

Frank W. Thomas, head coach at the University of Alabama from 1932-1946.

What was Alabama's football season record in 1934?

10-0-0 under coach Frank Thomas. The Tide was voted national champs after winning the Rose Bowl over Stanford.

How many teams did coach bear Bryant coach?

Bear Bryant was an assistant coach for three teams (Union College, Alabama, Vanderbilt) and a head coach for four teams (Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Alabama).

What is the value of of the book BEAR the Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama's Coach Bryant 1974 autographed by Coach Bryant to Dr Frank A Rose former president of University of Alabama?


Which college football coach has most titles?

Bear Bryant, Alabama

Who is a college coach with multiple National Championships?

Nick Saban of Alabama.

What was Alabama's football season record in 1935?

Alabama went 6-2-1 under head coach Frank Thomas in 1935. They defeated George Washington, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Clemson, and Georgia Tech. They lost to Mississippi State and Vanderbilt. The tie was to Samford.

Who was the first black assistant coach at Alabama?

At 20 years old, John Mitchell became the youngest coach in college football at the time, as well as Alabama's first African-American assistant coach.

Where did Frank Beamer coach college football?

Frank Beamer has been the head coach at Virginia Tech since 1987 and was head coach of Murray State between 1981-1986. Prior to that he was an assistant coach at Maryland, The Citadel, and Murray State.

Who is the second oldest college football coach?

Frank Beamer, Virginia tech

Who is Frank Beamer?

According to Wikipedia: Frank Beamer is the current head coach of the Virginia Tech college football program.

What college football coach has been to the national championship the most?

Paul "Bear" Bryant for Alabama.

Including Alabama Nick Saban has coached how many college teams not necessarily as a head coach?


What college football team did forest gump play for?

Alabama for legendary Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant-Jim R

Who was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban?

Mike Shula was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban.

Head coach at both Alabama and auburn?

Nick Saban is the head coach at Alabama, and Gene Chizik is the head coach at Auburn. (sep.29 2010)

How old is Frank Broyles?

Arkansas college football coach Frank Broyles was 92 years old when he died on August 14, 2017 (birthdate: December 26, 1924).

Who was the 1926 University of Alabama Head Coach?

William Wallace Wade was the Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama in 1926.

Who was the Alabama coach in 1986?

Ray Perkins. Perkins was head coach of Alabama between 1983-1986.

Where did coach bear Bryant graduate in Alabama?

university of alabama

Who followed Ray Perkins As University of Alabama Football coach?

Ray Perkins' final season as head coach of Alabama was 1986. The head coach in 1987 was Bill Curry.

Who was the coach of Alabama in 1926?

Wallace Wade, who was Alabama's head coach from 1923-1930 and compiled a record of 61-13-3.

Who was Alabama's football coach after Ray perkins?

Bill Curry succeeded Ray Perkins as the Alabama Crimson Tide football coach.

How many college years does it take to become an NBA coach?

You don't have to coach college to coach NBA

How much does Alabama's football coach make?

The current University of Alabama head coach has an eight year 32 million dollar contract.