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look on some local soccer teams and scout their goalies who are constanly punting soccer balls and are familiar with the motions of punting. many soccer players end up being fantastic punters and kickers

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Q: Where could you find a punter?
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Where will you find a punter?

On the bench if the team is any good

What is the code in moglin punter?

The moglin punter password

When can you tackle a punter in football?

You can tackle a punter in football when he still has the ball or else it is called roughing the punter.

When was David Punter born?

David Punter was born in 1949.

When was Punter Humphreys born?

Punter Humphreys was born in 1881.

When did Punter Humphreys die?

Punter Humphreys died in 1949.

Where do you find moglin punter in aqw for non members in 2010?

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What is a punter in football?

A punter is the person that kicks the ball to the opposing team.

When was Brian Punter born?

Brian Punter was born on 1935-08-16.

Who is the punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, the Steelers punter is Jeremy Kapinos. Their regular punter Daniel Sepulveda was placed on injured reserve during the 2010 season.

Who was the punter for Florida State in 1981-1982?

Danny Suthers. He was a special guy. Great punter

What bronco punter married Amy vandyken?

Tom Rouen, the Broncos punter from 1993-2002.

Who is the punter for the colts?

The only Punter currently on the Indianapolis Colts roster is rookie Pat McAffee

Are you allowed to takle the punter in the nfl?

How else are you going to stop a fake punt with the punter running!

When was Frank Garcia - punter - born?

Frank Garcia - punter - was born on 1957-06-05.

When was Eddie Johnson - punter - born?

Eddie Johnson - punter - was born on 1981-03-02.

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What rhymes with punter?


If one pro football team roughs the punter after he kicks does the punter's team get the ball for a 1st and 10?

Yes. There are two penalties that can be called in a situation where a punter gets hit after punting the ball. One is a 'running into the punter' penalty which is five yards and not an automatic first down. The other is 'roughing the punter' which is fifteen yards and an automatic first down. The referee makes the decision whether the penalty is running into or roughing. Generally, roughing the punter is called when the punter's kicking leg is still in the air when heavy contact is made. If both the punter's feet are on the ground when contact is made or the contact is very slight, running into the punter is called. If the defensive player makes contact with the punter because of being blocked by an offensive player, no penalty is called.

Where do you find moglin punter in aqw?

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Who is the Buffalo Bills punter?

From 2001 until present (2009), the Bills' punter has been Brian Moorman.

Who was the Buffalo Bills punter in 2000?

Chris Mohr. Mohr was the Bills punter between 1991-2000.

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Pallard the Punter - 1919 is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

Who is the biggest punter in the NFL?

Sav Rocca, of the Philadelphia Eagles, is the larges punter measuring in at 6-5 265.

If the punter misses the hiked football is he still a kicker?

Actually, he isn't a kicker, but he is the punter thru out the entire game.