Where chariots important to Athens?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: Where chariots important to Athens?
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Why are the chariots so important?

Chariots enabled the transport of the army to be transfered from soldiers to animals.

What transportation was used in Athens?

chariots pulled by horses were used a lot in the olden days many years ago. maybe there's a chance that these were used in Athens

Important contribution of Assyria and explain why it is important?

the library the chariots and the paved roads

Which gods were important to ancient Athens?

Athena was the most important, she was Athens patron Goddess. Poisdeon was quite important as well, seeing as he and Athena both wanted Athens, she obviously won.

How is a chariot related to Greek culture?

Chariots were important in many cultures throughout history. In Greek culture chariots were significant particularly in racing, but were also used for ceremonies and general transportation.

What is the difference between war chariots and racing chariots?

War chariots have more armored protection than racing chariots

Why is peisistratus important?

He is important because he was the king of Athens.

Is Peisistratus important?

He is important because he was the king of Athens.

What do chariots represent prophetically?

Chariots, especially chariots of fire, represent the sun god.

Whes did did roman find chariots?

The Romans did not find chariots. They were one of the ancient civilisation which made chariots.

Who had the power in Athens ancient Greece?

Athens was the capital of ancient Greece so i was very important!

Where were the important monuments of Athens built?