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You can go waterskiing at Lake Kristi!

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Q: Where can you water ski in NC?
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What is Orlando Florida nearest Ski resort?

Appalachian Mountain Ski Resort, NC.

How old to drive a jet ski in North Carolina?

you must be 14 in NC to drive a jet ski or (PWC) but 16 to drive a boat in NC It is diffrent in all states tho.

Are ski jumping and alpine skiing in the Nordic Combined event?

no nc is ski jumping and cross country skiing

How do you spell and say water ski in french?

water ski = le ski nautique ("skee noh-teek")

What is highest ski resort on east coast?

Beech Mountain, NC

When did Sega Water Ski happen?

Sega Water Ski happened in 1997.

When was Sega Water Ski created?

Sega Water Ski was created in 1997.

Does a water ski float?

Depends on the ski, but they should.

Which first snow ski or water ski?

snow skiing

What do you ski on?

You can snow ski or water ski, but you are always ON the same thing- skis!

How many Americans water ski?

on average over 5 million people water ski in america.

What is the name given to water skiing with one ski?

Slalom is the name given to water skiing with one ski.

What song does lilwayne says ski ski lke a water gun?

the motto

Who can water ski?


When is it illegal to tow a water ski er?

Depends on the area in which you are water skiing. But all bodies of water make it illegal to ski when in the "No Wake Zone."

Can you crank a jet ski out of the water?

Yes. You can crank and start a jet ski out of the water. However, without water, there will be no cooling for the engine, exhaust, and driveline. So generally it is not recommended to let the engine run more than a few seconds. Many people crank a jet ski out of the water to prime the fuel system prior to placing the jet ski in the water.

How many people water ski in a year?

Since water skiing is a very popular sport, about 1.2 million people water ski every year.

What is a jet ski drain cable for?

To drain the jet ski, of course. This is needed after washing the bilge but they are usually opened after removing the ski from the water to let any water that has accumulated in the bilge drain out.

What are ski tubes conventionally used for?

Ski tubes are used in water sports especially water skiing. They are used to tow people from the back of the boat and one places their feet onto the ski tubes.

Do pigions fly?

no they water ski

When was the water ski invented?


Where can you drive a jet ski?

in the water.

Do you need a water ski license?


Where can you water ski?

lake Sinclair

Can you snow ski in Florida?

trust me the only way u can ski is on the water or in an indoor area