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If they play you can watch it on and live online footy. :)

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โˆ™ 2011-03-31 11:45:38
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Q: Where can you watch Manchester united vs Chelsea live online?
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How can you watch old Manchester United matches?


Where can you watch Manchester united replayed games?

You can purchase DVD's , the Manchester United television channel often replays games, recent and old.

How many people watch Manchester United games on TV?


What channel is Liverpool against Chelsea?

You can watch the match Online using this URL

What channel is Liverpool Chelsea on in UK?

Watch the match Online over here in this URL

How do you calculate particle density of soil?

watch all manchester united match.....

What is the average price for a ticket to watch Manchester United?

10 to 100 pounds

What is Manchester united's main song?

Glory Glory Man United

Watch Aston villa vs Chelsea soccer game online for free?


Can you watch Manchester United vs Liverpool on your computer?

Yes u Can; check out the link attached:

Who will win 2010 champions league?

manchester united but bayern munich will get at least to the semis watch that space!

Where can you watch Chelsea tv for free?

watch CHELSEATV for free at folowing link.

Where can one view the best Chelsea vs Man United match?

Footytube is a website that allows you to watch the best Chelsea vs Man United match. It also offers many other sports videos that can be viewed anytime.

Where can I watch the Portsmouth vs Manchester City game online for free?

go on google and type in

Watch Manchester city vs hull live online stream free premier league?


Where can you watch x2 X-Men united online free?

on the internet.

Is united a noun?

In the usual sense of the word, it's an adjective. It might conceivably be used as a proper noun in sentences along the lines of "I'm flying United to watch Manchester United play."

Biggest crowd to watch an English football game?


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Manchester united are terrible and have loads of homosexual supporters This song is everything about man u "man united are short sited tra lalalalalala all the defenders watch eastenders while the goalie has a pee"!!! tut tut tut Whoever wrote this is oviously biased YES MANCHESTER UNITED ARE CRAP AND YES THEY DO HAVE LOTS OF HOMOSEXUAL SUPPORTERS. IM CITY ALL THE WAY .

What if Frankie Sandford's favorite thing to do?

She like to watch her favourite football team Manchester united live and she likes to go out to party and dance

What channel is Wigan Athletic v Manchester United 2011 on?

it isn't coming on tv so the best way to watch it will be go on to and it WILL BE ON THERE ;)

How do you get Teletoon in the US?

The only way to watch Teletoon in the United States is to watch in online. You cannot get it through any cable companies that are currently offered within the United States.

Where is 'Chelsea Girls' by Andy Warhol?

You can watch it on YouTube.

How do you watch man utd -Chelsea?

put on the tv:L

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