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Q: Where can you go swimming in thetford?
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Where is the Thetford Historical Society Inc in Thetford Vermont located?

The address of the Thetford Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 33, Thetford, VT 05074-0033

When was Thetford Priory created?

Thetford Priory was created in 1103.

What is the population of Little Thetford?

Little Thetford's population is 693.

What is the area of Thetford?

The area of Thetford is 29.55 square kilometers.

When was Thetford Mines created?

Thetford Mines was created in 1876.

What is Thetford Mines's population?

Thetford Mines's population is 25,704.

When was Thetford Academy created?

Thetford Academy was created in 1819.

What is Thetford Mines's motto?

Thetford Mines's motto is 'Fervet Opus '.

When was Thetford Hoard created?

Thetford Hoard was created in 1979-11.

When was Thetford Town F.C. created?

Thetford Town F.C. was created in 1883.

When was Thetford Grammar School created?

Thetford Grammar School was created in 1566.

What is the area of Thetford Mines?

The area of Thetford Mines is 226.82 square kilometers.

What is the motto of Thetford Mines?

The motto of Thetford Mines is 'Hard Work Prevails'.

When was Thetford railway station created?

Thetford railway station was created in 1845.

When was William Thetford born?

William Thetford was born on 1923-04-25.

When did William Thetford die?

William Thetford died on 1988-07-04.

What is Thetford Grammar School's motto?

The motto of Thetford Grammar School is 'Loyaute me oblige'.

When did Thetford - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Thetford - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1868.

When was Thetford - UK Parliament constituency - created?

Thetford - UK Parliament constituency - was created in 1529.

When was Little Thetford flesh-hook created?

Little Thetford flesh-hook was created in 1929.

When was Thetford Bridge railway station created?

Thetford Bridge railway station was created in 1875.

When did Thetford Bridge railway station end?

Thetford Bridge railway station ended in 1953.

Where does the name Thetford come from?

The place name Thetford comes from the Anglo-Saxon Theodford, meaning people's ford.

Where is the Latham Memorial in Thetford located?

The address of the Latham Memorial is: 16 Library Ln., Thetford, 05074 0240

When was Thetford to Bury St Edmunds line created?

Thetford to Bury St Edmunds line was created in 1876.