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The Western part of the United States offers a multitude of great downhill skiing areas. I have skied in Colorado and Utah. I found Utah to be an awesome ski vacation for many reasons. One major benefit is that you can stay in Salt Lake City, Utah and have access to several ski resorts in the area. There are a bunch of great ski resorts all within very close proximity to Salt Lake City. Great ski resorts include Snowbird, Alta, Deer Valley, Park City, the Canyons, and Solitude. Deer Valley is a little more pricey then the rest and it is a favorite of many celebrities. Park City is where they held the 2002 Winter Olympics and is a great place to visit. The ski resorts are easily accessible by highway. You can literally ski at a new ski resort every day of your trip. Plus, the ski resorts in Utah were not as crowded as they are in Colorado. This is a very nice feature because you don't have to wait in any lift lines! Also New Zealand can prove to be a great get away, especially in the summer in the northern hemisphere as it is peak ski season in New Zealand at that time. Many professionals travel to New Zealand to train during the northern hemispheres summer so you can rest assured that it is a quality establishment. Recommended resorts are Treble Cone in Wanaka (south Island) for truly steep and awesome runs, Remarkables in Queenstown (south island again) for off piste or heli skiing and Coronet Peak for general skiing (Queenstown again). Only problem is that New Zealand can be a bit of a distance from some parts of the world but can be truly awesome if you take the time to explore it.

In Europe, the best ski resorts are found in the Alps. In the French Alps, the most popular resorts are Chamonix and Val D'Isere, while Portes du Soleil on the border between France and Switzerland is, in fact, the biggest connected ski area in the world. Austria also has several great resorts. Further north in Europe, Norway is your best bet.

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Q: Where can you go for a great downhill skiing vacation?
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Where would you most likely go spend your holiday downhill skiing Missouri Colorado Texas?

downhill skiing

Where would you go downhill skiing?


Where are some places to go skiing in Loveland?

Loveland ski area is located in Colorado. The Loveland Ski Resort has great deals on downhill skiing and snowboarding. The runs are well groomed and great for beginners or experts alike.

Can you go downhill skiing in Missouri?

There are two resorts in Missouri.

Where would you go downhill skiing Missouri or Colorado?


Where would you go to go holiday skiing downhill Missouri Colorado Texas?


I just bought a pair of k2 press skis.I am just starting to go in the park.But i still want to go downhill skiing with friends and family. is this a good ski for the park and downhill?

definitely. they are built with jib rocker so they are awesome on the park and a great downhill ski too, although your turns are going to be pretty wide. i have the press also and they are great.

What place on Vancouver Island can you can go skiing?

The really coolest place there is Mount Washington where there is cross-country and downhill skiing.

Why would you spend your holiday downhill skiing in Colorado?

If I went skiing I would go to Colorado,because it has slopes and mountains.

Is speed skiing an olymopic sport?

There is no such event as "speed skiing" but Downhill skiing is basically the equivalent. In downhill racers go through a set of gates which are spaced about 100 meters apart. The objective is to get down the mountain as fast as possible. The racers usually go up to 150mph down the hill.

What type of skiing is telemark skiing considered to be?

Telemark skiing is a form of downhill skiing with a special binding technique, only the boottoes are attached to the skies and the heels are free. When taking a turn you are able to go in a lunge position.

Can a person with two hip replacements still go downhill skiing if they are careful?


Where would you go downhill skiing Missouri Colorado or Texas?

colorado because it has more mountains

Does skiing and snowboarding go on the same slopes?

No. Snowboard cross is a downhill sport, but the slopes are not any where near as steep as downhill racing - snowboarding on an Olympic level downhill ski course would be suicide.

Where can someone go alpine skiing?

One can go alpine skiing anywhere with a steep downhill slope such as the mountains in Denver, Colorado or Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Alpine Skiing can pretty much be done anywhere with a steep hill.

What things do you need to go sking?

Skis, boots, poles, warm clothes, and (if you're going downhill skiing) money to get into the ski resort. You can go cross-country skiing in the city park.

How do you go faster when using your body when your skiing?

Put more of your weight on your inside, downhill ski edge.

What is the difference of ski racing and just skiing?

ski racing is when you hit poles and go on ice downhill. skiing is just having fun and just free sking. ppl!!!!!!!!!

Is skiing down hill force of gravity?

yes. Going downhill, the gravity is pushing on your forcing you to go downwards.

What month would you go downhill skiing?

Anything from October to March should work well, but it depends on your location.

What is the likely place would you go on a vacation to go skiing Missouri Colorado Texas?

Colorado but why

Where can one go on vacation to ride snowboards?

There are numerous places one can go on vacation to ride snowboards. Utah and Michigan have good snowboarding vacations and Canada has amazing spots for snowboarding or skiing. The Swiss Alps and Turin are also great places to snowboard.

What band went water-skiing for their music video Vacation?

the go gos

What types of skiing is there?

There is freestyle, where you do tricks off jumps and rails. There is slalom, where you race between two sets of poles. Alpine skiing, or downhill skiing, where you just go skiing for the fun of it. Cross country skiing, in which you push yourself forward on mostly flat terrain using your poles and skiis. Well, there's some!

Can you go skiing in Ukraine?

Yes, you can. Ukraine is hardly known internationally for its ski resorts, but there are actually plenty of places to ski in Ukraine. The ski industry is rapidly developing as downhill skiing in Ukraine catches up in popularity to the rest of the world. It's not exactly the biggest skiing nation is the world, but you can go skiing pretty much everywhere there's snow.