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the best places would either be eBay or Craigslist

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Q: Where can you get replica wrestling belts for under 100?
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Are Wrestling championship belts real or fake?

they are 100% real

How much do wrestling title belts really cost?

It all depends. $379 on WWESHOP.COM for a replica with SIMULATED LEATHER (it has cardboard in the strap) $400 FOR THE SAME ONE ON if you are hanging your belt, buy the replica. if you want to wear it and put it over your shoulder, buy the deluxe on fo $699 it's real leather its real flexible, and doesn't have cardboard in it Watch some youtube vids. They help

Were to get WWE belts?

order them buy them at wal-mart places that have wrestling toys like target get a real one at a live performence i would not because real titles are $100

How many wrestling games has WWE produced?


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Is tna taking over a wrestling company?

no way, TNA wrestling stinks and they have about 3/ 100 fans in total America in opposed of having 33/100 American fans

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100-400 or so

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What is a Harrington and Richardson replica 45-70 Trapdoor Springfield worth?

100-1000 USD depending on condition

What is a Harrington and Richardson replica 45 70 Trapdoor Springfield worth?

100-1000 USD depending on condition

What are Concho belts made of?

Concho belts are made out of leather and link. The conchos are made out of 100% sterling silver. They are made by hand by the Native Americans in the United Stated.

How are wrestling weight classes determined?

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