Where can you get plastic studs?

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at astroturf ground

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Q: Where can you get plastic studs?
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Where can you buy plastic soccer studs?

rebal sports mainly

Why do you sleeve plastic pipes when put between metal studs?


Where can you find lip aka labret studs that from the outside look like a sparkle?

They are called Bio-Plast labret studs, they are a bio-compatable plastic labret stud.

Are metal blades band in rugby league?

Blades or as they are also know studs can be aluminium or a toughened plastic

Can you change the studs on puma football boots?

Can you change the metal spikes to plastic ones on puma soccer boots

Are metal studs still allowed on football boots?

Now I do not think it is allowed, they have to use plastic studs because once david beckham studded someone in the stomach with metal ones. Ouch! Boots are still made with metal studs so i would say yes, they are.

How do you remove studs on civic 98?

wheel studs? head studs?

What is better metal studs or studs?

i think metal studs are better because they have more grip because they go in the ground better but they coat more money. and when you kick the ball and then you might kick someone and it will hurt alot it happened 2 me lol x and plastic are good but you slip quiet alot but its up to you really what they kids perfure and the plasic studs are much more cheaper. xx

What are soccer studs?

Studs are on the bottom of the cleats. Or they are the really good soccer players that are studs. :)

How many cleats on rugby shoes?

Cleats are normally plastic and moulded to the boot sole there are normally 6 to 8 depending on the make of the boot. The normal rugby boot will have aluminium studs which screw in for replacement and these boots carry 6 to 10 studs

What are the football boots that can change between metal studs to plastic studs?

Some in the Adidas F50 range have metal studs. Also the Adidas World Cup boots come with metal studs as standard. Others include the Adidas adipure 11 Pro, Nike Men's Tiempo Legend IV, Adidas adiPure IV X-TRX, Asics Lethal Tigreor 4 ST, and many others. Metallic studs are primarily used for SG (soft ground) soccer/football but may not be legal in all leagues. Always best to check with your league. Replacement spikes (plastic or nylon) are available and are easily switched with the appropriate cleat key/wrench.

Are plastic studs allowed in rugby?

No they prefer fix rubber or aluminum as the nylon stud frequently breaks down and can cause lacerations or embed in players

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