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There are many different places you can get finger board ramps, you can get them at Walmart, target, toysrus, and at pretty much any other department store. If you are more interested in ones over the internet try these sites: hope this helps =] plus you could get blackriver ramps and much more at in USD.

Fast finger ramps are Crap! and black river ramps are way overpriced

go to because they sell great ramps at a really really good price

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Try Fast Fingers Ramp Co. Great quality.

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black river ramps if your willing to spend a lot but if you want them cheap just buy tech deck ones.

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Maybe amazon

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Q: Where can you get fingerboard ramps?
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Where can you buy blackriver fingerboard ramps?

In or

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Any kind of wood... but i use about 4 layers of thin ply wood

What are some American fingerboard sites? and flatface has Berlin wood black river ramps and close up crap it better

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You can get them at prowood fingerboard or flatface fingerboard.

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Where to buy a fingerboard?

Online fingerboard shop from Poland

Where can you get cheap but good quality wood fingerboard ramps?

I would try eBay or Target (Maybe a Collectibles Store) TRY THIS TOO: They are very expensive but are made from high quality wood and steel by professionals in Germany.

Where do you by wood for a fingerboard? you get the best fingerboard stuff for a great price

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You can use three fingers but it is harder to do tricks and you are supposed to fingerboard with 2 fingers as a skateboarder would use 2 legs.

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