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you can find it out on Google go to google images then type in badmitton steps and look through till an accurate one comes

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Q: Where can you get badminton serving pictures in steps?
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What are badminton's main skill?

I think that foot working, shooting at the target and serving are the main skills in badminton.

Hand signals in badminton with pictures?

the V :)

What are the serving rules in badminton?

get the thing over the net

How many joints are used when serving in badminton?

your boner

In badminton what is the team serving called?

the receiving team

Do you have 2 serving chances in badminton?

no you only have 1

What is service in badminton?

It's basically the same thiing as serving in badminton, when one who takes the first shot , is called the service .........

Can your team score In badminton if it was not serving?

In real badminton, its just winner servers, meaning whoever got the point gets the serve. The other player(s) can still get the point even if they are not serving. The only time where the server is the only one who can get a point is in really really, unprofessional and amateur badminton.

Can the head of a badminton racquet hit the shuttle from any position when serving?


What makes a serve illegal in badminton?

If the shuttlecock is higher than the waist when serving.

What can't you do in Badminton?

in badminton you should not catch the shuttlecock when you are playing but when you are serving you can catch it and you can`t hit the shuttlecock 2 times in your base.. so i hope you understand -thank you

How does serving affect performance in badminton?

Haven't got a f*cking clue mate

Where do you stand when serving in a singles badminton match?

Within the 2 sections in the middle closest to the net.

When serving in badminton you get the shuttle over the net but you hit the net what is the umpires decision?

your opponent get the point

Who invented the badminton ball?

Badminton isn't played with a ball. It's played with a shuttlecock a feathered projectile. The game was invented in the mid eighteenth century by British army officer serving in India.

What can you be penalized for in badminton?

In badminton you can be penalised on the serve. When serving you can be penalised for not having both feet on the ground, having a foot on the line having the racquet above waist height and double swinging. Hope i helped. :)

What is the foot fault rule in the game of Badminton?

A foot fault is when your foot hist the service line while serving.

What are the two types and way of serving in badminton?

side ways but stile under hand and forward but under hand

How do you do a badminton serve?

Serving in badminton is opposite from the form used in tennis. To serve, hold the bird in one hand and hold the racket below it. Then drop the birdie and hit the center of the rubber tip with an underhand motion.

What is the serving rules in badminton?

It's stated in the Badminton Service Rules that both you and your opponent shall not cause undue delays in delivering the service once respective positions have been taken up.

How can a fault be committed in badminton?

if you step over the serving line and if you touch the net with any part of your body

Can a server take a step while serving in badminton?

well yes as long as he doesn't take 1 step twice

What is smash in badminton?

The smash in badminton is a shot which you play when you hit the shuttlecock really hard and it lands on the opposite side.It's the most aggressive shot in badminton - the technique is very similar to serving in tennis or throwing a ball overarm.To learn about how to smash please see the related link.The smash is the most aggressive shot in badminton. The technique for smashing is very similar to serving in tennis or throwing a ball overarm.To learn more about smashing, have a look at the related link.

When playing singles in badminton how do you know which side to start serving from?

If it is an even number, (which, in the beginning, it will be,) you serve from the right. If it is an odd number, you serve from the left. The same person keeps serving until they break their rally.

Dance steps of binatbatan?

It is easy to find a lot of these dance steps online. You can look up pictures of the steps or watch them online.