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3800performance . com

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โˆ™ 2008-07-11 18:44:42
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Q: Where can you get a super chip for a 95 Riviera Super Charge?
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How do you install a Performance Chips Direct Chip?

i need help to install performance chip direct chip on my 02 Nissan frontier super charge

How do you get super sonic in sonic unleashed?

The only way to get Super Sonic is the Finall level where you fight the boss with super sonic and chip.

Where do you buy super Mario galaxy DS chip?

Sorry to disapoint you, but Super Mario Galaxy for DS will never come out.

How powerful was the computer chip used in the super Nintendo system?


What super chip does your car faster?

it depends on what car you've got

How do you remove a governor on a Ford Focus?

You need a performance chip ie super chips

Why do people makes chocolate chip cookies super big?

so there even MORE delicious

What is the sensor that cuts the RPMs on your car when it reaches 105 mph and is there any way to disable it?

It is a Chip, sometimes referred to as a "super-chip". Chevy Corvette and truck with same engine, the chip is the only difference.

Where is the iat sensor on a 1999 mustang gt to install a slr chip?

i have mustang 1999 super charger i need intal performance chip in iat sensor wewr are this sensor

What do you do when a Game Boy game is dirty?

With the super old b+w gameboys, the n64s, Super nintendo, gameboy colour, and even gameboy advance, you can sometimes prolong the life of a cartidge by blowing medium strength into the chip slot on either the console itself, or the game required. dust can build up on the chip.

Can you put games on your dsi from the sd chip?

No and alot of people need to know this, so sorry you would need to bye a new super chip for the DSi (ds i wear) when the they make it.

What kind of super chip do you use for more horsepower?

Super chip is a brand name like , Diablo, banks, etc. Only on old OBD1 car did you actual change a chip on the ECU/PCM circuit board. Cars now a days you just hook up the programmer to the 16 pin/OBD port and change, ignition timing, fuel, boost levels, etc. to gain HP.

Is it legal to install a super chip on a F250 Super Duty gas Ford truck?

I think it is legal but i haven't heard of this before, but if you did install a superchip "and it works" then i doubt if you get pulled over a cops gonna search your truck for a superchip.

How can you be giant Mario on Super Mario Brothers ds?

You can only be Big Mario when you collect a yellow mushy top. If you have an R4 chip you can get it in cheats.

What song has I'm super sayain man so please stay off my dragon balls in it?

Chip the Ripper - Supa Swag Man

How do you hack Super Smash Bros Melee for super smash brothers brawl characters?

You can't get Brawl characters in Melee. Just go buy Brawl. screw driver hack saw and computer chip 19.97 hack engine on laptop and the rest is ???

How to do a tuneup for 1999 Dodge Durango?

to tune up for speed you should start with a cold air intake, a super-chip for the cpu, and buying a better exaust

What are cheat codes for sonic unleashed?

during the boss fight of dark gaia (super form) you can move around and collect rings while chip is talking and wont get hurt

How do you highlight the characters on Super Smash Bros 64?

Use the control stick to put your player chip on the character you want to play and press A to pick them then press start to begin.

In Super Mario 64 DS how do you do the course Blast Away the Wall in the level Whomp's Fortress?

well, when you get into the bottom cannon, you sight up a wall and chip off the corner of it!

How do you get 99 star coins on super Mario bros?

The easiest way is when you have a special chip (not the eating kind) in your DS and you tap on the game, check the cheats list and tick the one you want before actually playing the game. But if you don't have a chip, like me, you have to search hard and get all three in one course and once you do you should have about just over a hundred star coins. If your talking about the Wii, ask a more specific question like, "How do you get 99 star coins on new super Mario Bros on the Wii" but if you are not talking about NEW super Mario bros then ask another more specific question.

What are some things you could put on your car to make it go faster and is also street leagul?

A computer chip, mufflers, intake system and, blower (super charger), and Toyo tires

Does a 2000 Toyota Celica have a governor?

yes. 105 is when the governor kicks in the kick of is around there just get your ecm chip then you can go up to 135 mph its super sweet make sure you get the right chip or youll be reving at 10 rpm LOL have fun

What is a camera chip?

A camera chip is usually a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) which is the digital equivalent of film in an analog camera.

How do you get a replacement key for your 1998 Buick Riviera it has a chip in it?

you have to call any GM dealership and ask for the parts department and they will give you one for about $35-50.