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Yes, but they would be very hard to hit and very heavy

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Q: Where can you get a lead baseball?
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What is the difrece between softball and baseball?

softball: bigger ball no lead offs Baseball: smaller ball lead offs and steals

Can you lead in baseball?

Yes, the runner can take a lead off the base in baseball. That is, you can step off the base a little in order to get an advantage when you steal a base, or when the batter hits the ball and you run. Today, almost all runners in baseball take a lead off the bag when they are on base.

What association lead the first rules in softball?

the game of baseball

What does the baseball term Lead off walk mean?

A 'lead off walk' is when the first batter (lead off) of an inning gets on base from a base on balls (walk).

Does Papelbon warm up with a specially made lead baseball?


What does a baseball coach have to do?

They have to lead the team and help kids get better throughout the season

What is scoring in baseball?

The lead runner coming home from a hit,error,walk, or a balk.

What are the examples of lead-up games?

Baseball Volleyball Soccer/Football And many more

What does hold mean in baseball?

Hold is a statistic for relief pitchers. It means the pitcher came into the game with his team in the lead and left the game with his team in the lead. In other words, the pitcher 'held' the lead for his team.

Is a baseball bat a natural resource?

A baseball isn't a natural resource, but what its made of are natural resource. Some natural resources in Baseball Bats are wood, metal, lead, and plastic (the grip)

The first manager to lead a baseball team to World Series title?

destiny smith is the best

Which baseball team squandered the biggest regular season lead in the standings?

boston red sox--1978

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