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Q: Where can you get a buggy go kart frame?
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How many buggy's in Mario Kart Double Dash?

There is 2 that include the goo goo buggy and the rattle buggy, unlocked by winning the 100cc mushroom cup.

Is illegal to drive a dune buggy or go kart on the street?

No, It is Illegal --------------------------------------- It is illegal in almost every state, county, city in the US.

Can you put a transverse engine in a sand buggy?

yep, did it. fiero engine/transaxle in tube frame buggy

I have a go kart with a rear axle that's not live but it's 2wd and the axle sprocket is 3 in from wheel and frame but can a torq-a-verter fit on a go kart with a differential axle?


What kind of metal should I use in my go kart frame?

Steel tube makes the best frames

How would you put a motorcycle engine in a rear end of a gocart?

You usually have to cut out the part of the motorcycle frame that connects to the engine, then weld that to the go kart frame.

How fast can a 150cc dune buggy go?

how fast can 11o dune buggy go

What is the best 300cc dune buggy to purchase?

okay there is a couple ill list them 300cc go kart dune buggy 2 seats and free shipping. 5,325.02 jonway America Inc. Roketa Racing dune buggy 300cc free shipping. 3,795.12 2009 Gio sand jeep buggy 300cc water cool 4,999.95 these are all the things i could think of.but they are at a great price for college.

Where can you drive your go kart?

At a go kart place

What was the name of the first space buggy to go into space?

it was called moon buggy. no joke

What is 1100cc on a go kart?

Its 1100cc on a go kart :D

Laws for Go-Kart riding?

Where can I driver my go kart