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Q: Where can you find those Adidas soccer pants that are skinny?
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Where can you buy those adidas pants that everyone has with the white lines around the knees and ankles?


How do you act like Bridget off of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

I would say that you have to be flirty, fun, play soccer, be competitive and also be pretty skinny, good at running. Those are the good things about Bridget in sisterhood of the traveling pants and I LOVE HER!!!

Which women's jeans look the best for a slim soccer mom?

A skinny jean is a great choice for those with a slender figure.

What are Adidas's best soccer cleats?

Probaly the new orange and black predators. those are my preferance but some people like f-50s better.

Where can I purchase Adidas pants?

I would go to your local sports store, such as Dicks, Sports Authority, etc. Those would be my suggestions. I hope you find what your looking for judging by my anwser.

Is SPS real?

No, but it could become a reality if people continue to wear skinny pant so..." Don't wear those pants", together WE can PREVENT SPS.Answer: Yes

When your skinny jeans are sagging what size shirt should you wear?

If your skinny jeans are sagging, you need to gain weight. Seriously, that WILL kill you. I don't think that's what he meant^ haha but if your one of those "gangsters" who where your pants low wear a slightly baggy shirt

Is Nike better then Adidas why or why not?

Adidas is much better than Nike because Adidas products last much longer than those of Nike and Nike contributes to Sweatshop and Child Labor.

What are those girls sweat pants with the red tags on the back?

They are called Hartail pants

Is valentine is gay?

yes with those tight skinny jeans

What is the subject for that shirt and those pants should have not been put in the washing machine?

Shirt and pants

How many pants are there in are world?

Depends, how many pants have you taken off? Count those and there's your answer.

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