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Great website for College Football history... ... The direct link to your answer is: And the answer to the question is below... Mind that the "W" or "L" for Win/Loss is from the Florda point-of-view... :-) 39 W 11-25-1995 35 Gainesville, FL 24 40 L 11-30-1996 21 Tallahassee, FL 24 41 W 01-02-1997 52 Sugar Bowl 20 42 W 11-22-1997 32 Gainesville, FL 29 43 L 11-21-1998 12 Tallahassee, FL 23 44 L 11-20-1999 23 Gainesville, FL 30 45 L 11-18-2000 7 Tallahassee, FL 30 46 W 11-17-2001 37 Gainesville, FL 13 47 L 11-30-2002 14 Tallahassee, FL 31 48 L 11-29-2003 34 Gainesville, FL 38 49 W 11-20-2004 20 Tallahassee, FL 13

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Q: Where can you find the scores for the last ten years of Florida vs FSU?
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