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Try: or RootsWeb Try searching the LDS web site and

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Q: Where can you find information on the Collins family tree including Michael Collins?
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Where was Michael Collins' family home situated?

in cork

Has anyone done Michael Collins family tree and is there a website on it?

Yes, they have. You can refer to the added link, for a referenced website on Michael Collins' family tree. Although Collins never married or had any children, before he was assassinated, he was one of 8 children. Children or Grandchildren of his nieces and nephews are still alive, today. *The family tree linked by the earlier answerer is only tangentially connected. No good comprehensive ancestry for both Michael Collins' paternal and maternal lines is readily available online.

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Your story iv just found out your mother grandma was Mary Collins who was one of the sister to Michael Collins which makes him your gt gt gt uncle would like to found out more about the family tree?


What information can be found at ancestry co uk?

Information of family history, including family records, and family trees can be found on this website. It is the worlds largest Genealogy library.

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2 nube