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Q: Where can you find information on current Corvette racing events?
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Where can you find the history of Corvette racing?

Go to and look for books on Corvette Racing

What are some current events in Kentucky?

super bowl horse racing cow girl contest

Which is faster a lambo v6 or a Corvette zo6?

A Corvette Z06 is proven by the racing studio that a Corvette Z06 is faster than a lambo The Corvette beat the lambo by 5 out of 6 laps.

Where can one find the NASCAR racing schedule?

The best place to find information on the current Nascar racing schedule would be to check the Nascar official website. This is where you would find the most up-to-date information.

Where can someone find Cobra Seats for their Corvette?

Cobra racing seats designed for many different models including the Chevrolet Corvette can be found direct from the Cobra company through its website. They can also be purchased at racing or speed shops such as JSC Speed, JC Motorsports or Summit Racing.

First year a v8 was put in a Corvette?

In 1955 GM introduced the 283 ci V8 for the Corvette. This is the engine that put the Corvette on the racing map and kept the GM suits from discontinuing America's sportscar.

What are all the kinds of horseback riding comprtitions?

show-jumping, cross country, jumps racing, racing, harness racing, dressage, 3 day events, one day events, gymkhanas, horse trials, barrel racing, camp drafting, polo, polocrosse, open events

Which is the world's best street racing car?

Debateable, but it would have to be between the 911turbo or the corvette.

Is there a horn relay on a 1972 Corvette?

Yes sir there is s small horn relay on a 1972 Corvette. 1. I am a racing instructor 2. I own this car!

Where do you find information about clocking systems used for pigeon racing?

One can find information about clocking systems used for pigeon racing in pigeon racing videos. In addition, online encyclopedias on pigeon racing will provide information.

What seats will fit a 1984 Corvette?

Try emailing this guy at the below site, they have racing seat brackets and seat combos. The site does not have it on there but I have spoken with him on some of the corvette forums.

What are equestrian events?

Chariot racing and riding.

Where can one find information about Ford racing?

Information about Ford racing can be found from various sources. Such information can be found on their website, in publications related to Ford products, and at racing venues and specialize dealers.

What were the different events of the ancient Olympics Games?

Foot racing, chariot racing, throwing, unarmed combat.

Where can information on horse racing odds be found?

One can find information on horse racing odds via a number of website. Such information is available on sites like 'Dummies', 'Odds Checker', 'Go Racing' and 'OddsShark'.

Where can one find information about Honda Racing?

One may find more information about Honda racing via Honda's official website and navigating to the "racing" section. There is also information Wikipedia and Yahoo! Sports.

Which events can be checked on the website Moto Cross?

Moto Cross has events listed for both motor-cross racing as well as super-cross racing. The site includes scheduled television events as well as ticketed events and season long event schedules.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 1999 corvette?

The correct tire pressure for a 1999 Corvette is 34/36 PSI. However, if you're using the vehicle for racing, the PSI should be above 40.

What events has Sarah walker competed in?

BMX racing.

What type of events did they have in the 776BC Olympics?

The older Olympics had events such as horse racing, chariot racing, sprints, long jumps, javelin, however it was mainly based around the marathon.

Where can one find information about Fox racing clothing?

Information about Fox Racing apparel can be found on their main website Fox Head. There is also a Wikipedia article about Fox Racing. Fox Racing has a Facebook page, too.

Where can one find information on today's horse racing lineup?

There are many places where one can find information on today's horse racing lineup. One can find information on today's horse racing lineup at popular on the web sources such as Horce Racing Lineups and USA Today.

What years were the Chevrolet Corvette z06's made?

1963 (it was a racing package), 2001-2004 and 2006-present.

Where can one find information regarding ski racing?

An individual can find information regarding ski racing on the Internet, or they can read a magazine about it. They can also go to a ski store and possibly get a pamphlet with information regarding ski racing.

Where can one view ATV racing?

One can view ATV racing by going on the official ATV racing website. On the website, it will immediately list all of the upcoming events relating to ATV racing.