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Q: Where can you find info on ways of loading and transporting steel and scrap metal?
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What is the average cost of transporting 1 ton Heavy Metal Steel Scrap from Chicago to Mundra port?

it cost $1,000

What is---- PNS scrap metal?

Plate and Steel. A grade of scrap

Who mush do scrap steel cost per kg?

We want to sell scrap metal what is the cost for scrap metal per kg/

What is ferrous scrap and what kind of ferrous scrap available in the market?

Ferrous scrap metal basically consists of any metal that takes a magnet. This includes iron, steel, Heavy Melt Scrap, #1 Iron / steel , #2 Iron / steel. Ferrous scrap metals are typically obtained through demolition and dismantlement projects

What is the price of scrap metal?

Scrap metal prices are different for nonferrous and ferrous scrap metals. Ferrous scrap metals (iron, steel) are typically in dollars per ton whereas non ferrous scrap metals are in dollars per pound.

What is the price per pound for scrap metal in Portland Oregon?

Price per pound of steel scrap in 0r

What is scrap steel worth per ton?

For the best prices on scrap metal, contact your local EMR site

How much is a barge worth in scrap metal?

Need to know how much weight and what type of scrap metal (steel, copper, etc.) in order to provide correct answer

What is scrap metal price?

Scrap metal price starts at .07 USD per pound and goes up from there. Bright copper can be sold for over $3.30 per pound near me! Scrap metal price is another way of saying what is the price of scrap metal? One needs to be specific when asking this quetion as there are many different types and grades of scrap metal. Scrap metal encompasses ferrous (iron, steel, HMS) and non ferrous (copper, aluminum, zinc, base metals, etc.) metals. There are also different grades of scrap metal, for example there s prepared steel, unprepared steel, copper #1, HMS #1 etc. Each commands a different price. There are many sites on line that post prices or check with your local recycler.

What can move on a scrap heap magnet?

well basically anthing that is made out of metal and steel, will move on a scrap heap magnet.

What are the current prices on scrap steel in Indiana?

Prices are continuing to slide as of oct 28, 2008 - expect around $50 per ton. You can try Scrap Metal and Scrap Metal Auctions as a reference for current scrap metal prices in order to stay abreast of changing market conditions

What is hm1 and hm2 scrap metal?

this refers to scrap steel. Heavy Melt Scrap (HMS) is graded by how well its prepared so there is HMS 1 and HMS 2

What is the price of scrap metal in Arkansas?

You need to make question more specific. Scrap metal can mean many types of metals both ferrous (iron, HMS, steel) and non ferrous (eg copper, steel, brass, nickel, aluminum, etc.) . You need to be more specific when asking for scrap metal prices. However there are many sources online for current scrap metal prices which you should check against what the local scrap recycler offers. Make sure that you are getting a fair price by checking online versus what the scrap recycler is paying.

What are the prices of scrap steel in Missouri?

There are many different types of scrap metals (ferrous and non ferrous) - meaning scrap metals encompass steel, copper, brass, aluminum, HMS, zinc, lead, etc.. You need to be more specific on what type of scrap metal prices you are seeking.

What is the current price of scrap metals?

9 cents a pound for steel 50¢ per pound of aluminum $3 per pound for copper. Scrap metal prices have many factors that are considered in pricing. When you ask for scrap metal pricing you need to know: Comex pricing LME pricing Type of scrap metal you have - ferrous (iron, steel, HMS) or non ferrous (copper, aluminum, zinc, brass, etc.) Always carry a magnet to do a quick test on your scrap metal, and make sure you clean and separate your scrap metal. Once you have all of this info then check online pricing and call your local recycling yard. Compare pricing and go with scrap yard that pays highest price and is reputable.

What is a steel door for scrap metal worth?

scrap prices vary a lot from one place to another. Scrap price of steel is very low when compared to copper, brass, lead, etc. For the weight of an average door, probably a dollar or so.

Scrap prices in Atlanta GA?

Scrap encompasses both non ferrous and ferrous scrap - meaning steel, copper, aluminum, brass, HMS, zinc, etc. Prices of scrap vary depending on type of metal, grade of the metal, location in the world and daily price fluctuations

Does steel mouse drop scrap metal often?

no, but there was an event where if you uesd a digby drillbot when you caught a steel mouse it dropped it as loot

What is the approximate price of steel scrap?

Scrap prices are subject to change every day, so to get the current prices visit a website like the one in link. Different scrap yards offer different prices for scrap metal so keep that in mind too. For a fair deal on your steel scrap, Id suggest you visit the SIMS facility if your town has one.

What is the price scrap metal?

There are many different types of scrap metals - There is ferrous (iron, steel HMS) and non ferrous scrap metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.). You need to specify the type of scrap metal you have in order to obtain proper pricing. Copper for example is around $3.50 cents for bare brite copper whereas Scrap Steel #1 Busheling is around $450.00 gt Use a magnet to quickly identify your scrap metals - ferrous take to a magnet, non ferrous do not

How do minimills make steel?

Minimills substitute metal and iron scrap for iron ore to melt in their furnaces.

What the price of scrap metal in paris Texas?

copper:$3.45/ib steel:$158/ton aluminum:$0.50/ib

Are there any junk yards in San Antonio that buy scrap metal?

The only salvage yards in San Antonio that I could find that buy scrap metal were Newell Salvage, River City Steel, and Ashley Salvage. For their locations I would simple yellowbook the address and while there could look for more salvage yards that buy scrap metal.

Do steel investment foundries make use of steel scrap?

Steel investment foundries make use of steel scrap

Scrap metal prices in California USA?

Scrap metal prices are dependent upon basic economics as well as the major metal exchanges and market that include the London Metal Exchange, Comex, Shanghai China, etc. Prices for ferrous scrap (iron, HMS, Steel) s typically in dollars per ton whereas non-ferrous scrap metal (copper, aluminum, brass, etc.) is by the pound. Ferrous prices fluctuate much less then non-ferrous scrap metal prices. Best method to check prices is via internet website posting pricing or call your local dealer and ask what the prices for your specific scrap metal is for that day.