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Click on the 'Brief History I' and 'Brief History II' links on this page to read histories of the college game and football in general. Each article has many links in it that you can click to read more about specific topics.

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Q: Where can you find good research on the history of college football?
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Amos Alonzo Stagg had 190 losses. That's the most I can find at the moment. I don't believe any college football coach has more than that.

How can you find the college football rosters from Indiana colleges with football teams from 1930 to 1939?

I think you can contact the collage and ask for the information and they can then send it to you..

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Colleges' website or media guide.

Where did Scott hanson a reporter on the nfl network play his college football?

I could not find anything about his football career but was able to find out that Scott Hanson attended Syracuse University between 1989-1993.