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go to Google and type in football

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Q: Where can you find definitions of the football terms such as 'Tackling' 'Screen Toss' 'Punt' and 'Hooker'?
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What can you do get shown on a jumbo screen at a football game?


How big is an IMAX screen?

about the size of a football field.

What is a short pass with blockers called in football?

screen play

What can you do to get shown on jumbo screen at a football game?


What do you call a football pass thrown behind scrimmage?

Screen Pass

Books containing short pieces of information for example summaries in encyclopaedias and definitions in dictionaries can be read with more ease on a computer screen.?


Where is the pennant collection screen on the video-game NCAA Football 08 for the xbox 360?

There is not one. It is only on NCAA Football 2007....

What can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen at a football match?

propose dance streak costume/paint wave

What can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen at a football game?

dance , propose , streak , costume/paint , wave

Why is there a little pint glass in the corner of the screen during a football match?

That pint glass is only there on the screen of public screens, such as in pubs and cafes. This is to show that the particular public place has the licence to show live football as they have to pay higher subscription fees than private owners.

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How do you save transfers on motd fantasy football?

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