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Q: Where can you find all the names of all the Horse Racing Jockeys from 1970 to 1999 with the initials J C?
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Where did the term bug boy in horse racing come from?

The term bug boy is applied to apprentice jockeys. They are called this as the asterisk which is placed next to their names on the horse racing programmes looks like a bug.

What are the names of horse racing jumps?

The sport of horse racing over jumps is called steeplechasing, while racing with no jumps is called flat racing.

What are the names of professinal horse riders?

well...a Jockey could be one, its the small person that does horse racing

What are some names of sports to play on horseback?

Polo and Horse Racing

What are the names of some horse racing films?

Racing Stribes, The Derby Stallion, the newest one is Secretariat, and this website has many, many more.

What are the names of jockeys that won the Kentucky Derby?

You can get the list of the jockeys that won the Kentucky Derby in the related links.

How do horses get their positions in racing?

before a race, horse's names are drawn and the owners/trainers choose what number gate they want their horse to depart from.

Does the jockey train with the horse he rides in the Kentucky Derby?

Not on a regular basis, usually, although jockeys who aren't "big names" might. Generally a jockey will try to ride the horse in a workout beforehand, and most people will have a regular jockey they use for each horse.

What are the last names of racehorse jockeys starting with the letter v?

Jacinto Vasquez is a retired jockey and a member of the United States Racing Hall of Fame. Cornelio H. Velasquez was a jockey.

Who thinks of the horses names in horse racing?

The horses owner typically thinks of a name and submits it to the racing secretary for approval. Rules vary from breed to breed, but thoroughbreds are the most popular race horses and they have certain limits and rules on names. If the racing secretary denies the name the owner must submit another one for approval.

What are names of famous jockeys whose last names are day?

There's Pat Day, but that's the only one I know of.

Names for a racing team?

There are millions of names you could make up for a racing team. You could call your racing team the Speedy Jaguars for example.

What was the names of ll cool j's disc jockeys?

cut creater & bobcat

What are some unique horse names?

Some awesome horse names are like wind dancer, sky wishes, araic horse names and Greek horse names. Google araic horse names and you should find what you need

What are some good names for a horse?

It depends on the sire and dam as well. If the sire or dam was very successful in their racing career you may want to keep part of their name

Horse names western themed starting with letter d?

Dakota, Dawson, Diablo

What is a good name for a webkinz grey Arabian horse?

Barbaro, Seabiscuit, Secratarien. They are good names because they are famous racing horses. or name a boy gray Arabian artax

What is the rule for abbreviating names into initials?

Capitalize them

Term for initials following a name?

WE call the different initials after our names letters they show people what examinations and qualifications you have

What are some funny car racing team names?

Wheely Want to Win Racing, HulaMonkey Racing, Wheeling and Dealing Racing..... Try doing the owners surname (ex. Smith Racing)

What actors names have initials t g?

Tom Green

Famous mens names with initials ns?

Nicole Scherzinger

Names of Famous people with the initials HA?

hans anderson

What were the names of all of horse racing's triple crown winners?

Sir Barton, Gallant Fox, Omaha, War Admiral, Whirlaway, Count Fleet, Assault, Citation, Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Affirmed.

What are the names of the 70s racing video games?

Space race was an arcade racing video game from the 70s.