Where can you find a toe shoe for ballet?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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In Ballet/contemporary dancing!

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Q: Where can you find a toe shoe for ballet?
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What is a point ballet shoe?

A shoe with a hard toe.

What is a ballet slipper with a blocked toe called?

A pointe shoe.

What are toe boxes for ballet?

Toe boxes are in pointe shoe and they support the weight of the dancer when She goes en pointe.

What is ballet dancing with a soft toe shoe called?

Its still ballet. You call it the same thing. Pointe is in the hard shore

What is a ballet flat?

A ballet flat is a type of women's flat shoe with a low heel, thin sole, and round toe.

What pressure does a ballet dancer exert on a floor if A 520-N ballet dancer is ballanced on the toe of her shoe and the toe has an area of 0.0010m to the power of 2?

520,000 Pa (pascals)

How do you find out if nike makes steel toe shoe?

They don't

Who invented pointe toe shoe?

go to to find out!

What is the difference between safety toe and steel toe?

A steel toe shoe is one kind of safety toe shoe.

What is a ballet shoe?

A ballet shoe is a flexible shoe without a heel, fastened by a strap or ribbon, designed for dancing.

Is it bad for ballet if every time you pointe your foot your 2nd toe goes over your big toe?

This is not necessarily a good thing. You might want to see a ballet shoe fitter to discuss options for shoes, especially if you do pointework. I myself would suggest using rubber spacers if you dance en pointe.

How do you darn pointe ballet shoes?

Make small stitches through the layer of satin on the toe of the shoe in a circular pattern. This will improve stability and life span of the box.