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Check with your local parks and recreation or boys and girls club.

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Q: Where can you find a soccer team for age eleven?
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At what age did Mia Hamm start playing soccer for the National Women Soccer Team?

at age 15,

How do people qualify to get onto an olympic soccer team?

The team for an Olympic soccer team is picked by the national team coach. However, for the Olympic soccer torunament, there are some rules as to who can and can not play, for example age restrictions.

How many players on a soccer field in age groups 11 to 18?

nine to eleven players depending on what league and age group

What is the age of the women's US soccer olypmic team?

Their is no age to the entire team as they vary from 17 to 36 years of age. If you were wondering what the average age is I believe it is around 26 years of age.

How can you be a soccer player at age 19?

Play for a u21's team

How old do you have to be to be in a U14 soccer team?

14 and any age under.

What age was Justin bieber when he played soccer?

Justin bieber started playing soccer at age 6 and he still plays at age 16 and he so amazing at it and i was on the same team as him that's how i know he was amazing i love him and he was even cute playing soccer

How many girl are on soccer team?

11, but it depends what age level it is played at.

what age does an Under Sixteen soccer team usually range from?

14 - 16

How old is Savannah markey?

Savannah Markey was born on March 12, 1996. She has played soccer for eleven years. Her current age is 18.

How old do you need to be to play soccer?

there isn't a age limit to play soccer. it's a thing you do as a hobbie. only if you want to be in a soccer team you might need more experiacne.

Is there an age limit for soccer players playing in the CONCACAF gold cup?

No, but you have to have a certain amout of soccer/football experience... Which is "play" on a professional team.

How many players on soccer team on the field?

It depends on your age but usually 11 players

How old can you become a soccer player?

you can be any age but for a profession team at least 20

How do you know if a girl likes you at the age eleven?

She will find excuses to hang around you.

How many soccer teams are in Iran?

If you are a club football team in Iran's 18 teams are competing in the Iranian Premier League. At the national level in the adult age of a football team. At ages under 23 yearsof a football team. The age of a young football team. Toddlers at the age of a football team.

What age should you be to play in a soccer team?

They have soccer for all ages. I started when I was 4 years old. I'm pretty sure that's the youngest you can be.

How many soccer players in a soccer game each team?

there is 11 players on the team there is usually 8 players and 1 goalie on the field but it depends what age group it is or how many players turn up to the game

When did Cristiano rolando start playing soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo started playing amateur Soccer at the age of 8 for a team called Andorinha, based in Portugal.

What is the average age for a Japanese eleven year old?

Unsurprisingly, the average age of an eleven year old is eleven years old.

How old must you be to start playing soccer for a national team?

There is no restriction on age; players are selcted on skill.

What makes up a soccer team?

A soccer team makes up the coach, sometimes an assistant coach, a goalie, your defenders ( normally 2 in older age groups), sometimes a sweeper or midfielder, and typically 3 offense players.

Why did Mia Hamm become a soccer player?

Mia Hamm became a soccer player because she just took in a love for it. At age 5 she played on her first team but by age 13 becomes a Texas all- state selection!

How many players in one team?

In professional soccer, you have 11 players on the field, including the keeper. In youth soccer, the number of players on the field varies depending on the age group.

What age did mia hamm get asked to go play international soccer?

Mia Hamm played on the U.S Womens National team at the age of fifteen in 1987.