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Possibly eBay. Maybe you could go to a soccer store.

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Q: Where can you find a signed galatasaray soccer jersey?
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In Canada

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Where can one purchase the official Mexico soccer jersey?

World soccor shop and and Amazon are two great online retailers. Both retailers sell the official Mexico soccer jersey. People may also check their local soccer stores to find great jersey's for great prices.

Are soccer jerseys on eBay authentic?

Authentic and fake are all on ebay! I think you can find many authentic soccer jersey website by google!

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You can find one on Ebay or any soccer website (see links below). Maybe you can find one is some sport department stores.

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A ball, shoes, protection for your legs and proper clothes. Im sure you can find this out by going to your local sports store. shin guards,jersey, shorts, cleats, and of course a soccer ball!:)A net and a soccor ball

What is the value of a signed set of Miracle on Ice jersey skates helmet and hockey stick I have found the stick jersey for sale regularly but never the helmet or skates. Value anyone?

I have looked for such items, impossible to find under $15000, if you have these your in luck.

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