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There may not be one. Federal law did not always require a serial number be present on a firearm. If that rifle was manufactured prior to the 60's, it may not have one.

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Q: Where can you find a serial number on a Stevens model 15-A?
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Where do you find the serial number on Stevens arm model 940 or 94C?

These savage/stevens model 94c were made from 1929-1942.long before serial numbers were mandated by the gun control act of 1968.So there is a strong possability that your stevens does noy have a serial number.

Can you find out the age of my J Stevens 520-30 riot 12 gauge shot gun by its serial number?

The serial number range for the Stevens model 520-30 military shotguns is from 30,000-70,000.As to the year of manufacture you will probably have to contact Savage/Stevens directly.

You have j Stevens built 1886-1916 single shot 12ga The only number you can find is in the back of the trigger E180 what is the model number serial number?


How do you find the year your J Stevens shotgun was made?

By listing your serial number,and the model number with the caliber your shotguns was chambered in.please include this in your question.

Where can you find information for J Stevens shotgun serial number A9635?

It's your job to provide enough information to identify the gun first. Stevens shotguns were made from about 1865 until 1991 and the assembly number (that MAY be a serial number if it recently manufactured) does not give a clue which model it is.

Stevens model 94F where is the sereal number?

From the information I can find, if it was made before 1968, it probably doesn't have a serial number. In most cases, the serial number on a gun is pretty well out in the open and visable, usually on the receiver.

Where can you find the serial on Stevens model 58 12 gauge?

try the barrel or receiver.

What is the manufacture date of springfield model 52a manufactured by j Stevens arms co with the number 25 in a circle on left side of barrel cannot find serial number?

your savage Stevens model 52a was made between 1933-1937 in the amount of 88,000 guns.

How do you find out what gun you have if you have serial number 413586 Winchester?

You cannot find out unless you provide the model number with the serial number.

Were can you find serial on a Stevens model 124 and value?

It may not have one. SN's were not required until 1968.

Where do you find the serial number for a Stevens savage arms model 124 12 gage shotgun?

May not have one- not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968.

Where to find serial number Winchester model 69a?

The Winchester model 69A is a pre-serial number firearm and as such does not have one.