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online or in any sport shop that has soccer/football boots/cleats

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2009-03-25 14:09:17
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Q: Where can you find a pair of Nike Mercurial Velocity Junior SG football boots?
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What Football Boots Are Worn By C.Ronaldo in 2010?

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2 Firm Ground Football Boots

Who are some famous people who have worn the Nike Mercurial?

The Nike Mercurial football boots have been worn and endorsed by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery, Xherdan Shaqir and Neymar da Silver Santos Junior.

What are Luka modric football boots?

nike mercurial vapor 3

What football boots do Bellamy wear?

he wears nike mercurial vapor ivs

What football boots do you wear?

I wear the same boots that c.ronaldo wears so I wear mercurials because c.ronaldo is the football player I admier and mercurial boots are the only type of boots I would ever wear.

Where can you buy nike mercurial vapor Rosa football boots?

nowhere, this was a one time edition and also very rare

Are mercurial talarias better than mercurial vapors?

no, Vapors are the higher notch boots

What purpose does Nike's Mercurial Vapor boots serve?

Nike Mercurial Vapor is a football shoe first released in 2002. It is famous for having light weight materials and is therefore supposed to increase the speed of movement.

How do you break in Mercurial vapor football boots?

either put them on for a long time and put something shoe sized and shaped and tie laces

Where can you get pink nike mercurial football boots?

yeah you can u can get them from rebel sport and sports shops and websites eg pro direct soccer ebay

What boots does Brazilian Ronaldo wear?

Ronaldo wears the Nike Mercurial Vapors. Just remember he is the Face of Nike football and he markets them when he plays for Corinthians.

What boots does Louis Saha wear?

He wore Mercurial IV vapors

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