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You can usally find a hockey mask anywhere eguipment is sold.

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Q: Where can you find a hockey mask?
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Where can you find a Jason voorhees mask in a store?

Probably in the Halloween department of the store. It is a fairly common mask to find at Halloween time. If that does not work out for you check the sports department. Jason wears a hockey mask.

Is the hockey mask in gta 4?

no, but if you are playing on pc you can with some patience install a hockey mask mod

When did Jason get his hockey mask?

He gets the hockey mask in the third Friday the 13thmovie.

Sport with a mask?


How do you get a hockey mask on GTAsa?

you can get the hockey mask in the 2nd city. theres this shop at the corner of the city and when you go in go to head sections and the mask will be yours. hope you enjoyed

What is a sport that uses a mask?


Is Jason also called the hockey mask killer?


What is is the technical name for the kind of mask Jason wears in Friday the 13th?

Jason wears a hockey mask.

Which goalie shocked the hockey world in 1959 by deciding to use a hockey mask?

Jacques Plante, who insisted upon wearing his mask during NHL games after a puck broke his nose.

Where do you find the mask on shark tooth island?

Mask? What mask? There is no mask that you have to find in Shark Tooth Island, Poptropica.

Were did Jason's hockey mask come from?

Jason Voorhees killed a hockey player in Friday The 13Th part 2. The boy ripped Jason's pillowcase off and it got a hole in it. Then Jason found the mask.

Who wears a hockey mask in Freddy vs Jason?

Jason Jason

Who wore the first goalie mask in ice hockey?

Jacques Plantes

What sport do you wear a mask?

Sports such as Cricket, Lacrosse, Ice hockey, Baseball and American Football, you wear a mask for safety precautions.

Forty years ago today Jacques Plantes became the first hockey goalie to wear what piece of equipment?

Hockey Mask

What is swimmer using flippers and a mask?

a snorkeler. Or they could be an underwater hockey player.

Why does Jason ware a hockey mask?

Because in his old room it shows hockey trophies so he must of played hockey. Also, in the attic he finds it after he kills someone.

What does a uniform of a Hockey player consist of?

Jersey face mask ice skates pads

How can you make a hockey mask on saints row 2?

buy a DLC (Downloadable Content)

Which horror movie character wears a hockey mask?

Jason, he's a scary guy.

Where can goalie masks be purchased from?

Goalie masks can be purchased from the following places: Hockey Giant, Goalie Monkey, Eye Candy Air, Warwick Mask, Pure Goalie, Amazon, eBay, Discount Goalie, The Hockey Shop, Sport Mask, to name a few.

Why did Jacques Plante make the first hockey mask?

Jacques Plante made the first hockey mask because during one game he was injured so badly by a hockey puck to the face that he required several stitches. Following his injury he felt it appropriate to wear face protection (as he was a goalie and the odds of the injury re-occuring were fairly good).

His weapon of choice is a machette and he wears a hockey mask?

Sounds like Jason from "Friday the 13th."

What is the best Friday the 13th movie?

In my opinion it is part 3 when Jason gets his hockey mask

In which of Friday the 13th films do Jason get the hockey mask?

Friday the 13th 3D (the 3rd in the series)

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