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I would suggest trying a local gunsmith who has been around a while. Gun shows would also be a possible source. Numrich Gun parts,, found a clip for a Savage Model 1903 .22 short pump action rifle for me many years after it had been discontinued. They are known for their large stock of gun parts. Magazines for this rifle are also available at In googling the model 42, I learned it was a rebranded Marlin 80 and I bought the Marlin 80 magazine; it is product # 635389 and it looks, fits and operates the same as the original JC Higgins clip. The above is correct. The Model 42 and the Marlin Model 80 use the same clip. Do a Google search for "Marlin 704046" and you will see a bunch of online stores selling them for about Fifteen bucks. didn't have them when I searched.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-23 03:37:58
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Q: Where can you find a clip for a JC Higgins 22 cal rifle model 42?
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