Where can you find ASA rules?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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You have to be an asa umpire to recive the rule book.

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Q: Where can you find ASA rules?
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All bats must bear the ASA approved certification mark and must not be listed onan ASA Banned Bat list unless it bears the ASA approved re-certification mark; orb. Must be included on a list of approved bat models published by ASA; orc. Must be in the sole opinion and discretion of the umpire, have been manufacturedprior to 2000 and, if tested, would comply with the ASA bat performance standardsthen in effect.d. Safety grip or cork, tape (no smooth plastic tape) or composition material, may notexceed two layers of tape and must be continuously spiral. Any resin or pine tar ispermissible on this part of the bat. Tape must be at least 10 inches long and not morethan 15 inches.

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