Where can you buy lacrosse heads?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Lacrosse monkey provides a wide range of lacrosse heads. The products are of high standard for a product sold at a standard retail price. eBay provides many second hand heads in mint condition for a cheap price.

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Q: Where can you buy lacrosse heads?
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What is the difference between box lacrosse heads and regular lacrosse heads?

: There are tons of differences. You can start with where you play, obviously, field or an arena. The defensemens sticks are different lengths(field lacrosse defenders have 6 foot long sticks, box defenders have normal sticks), the size of the nets and the goalies.6 by 6 feet in field, 4 by 4 in box. Size of the goalies,full padding in box with little room to shoot at, or field, where the only difference between the goalie and the players is the stick.The fact that there are offsides in field lacrosse, there are no offsides in box. etc. : I'm bored so im not going to list any more, but i could go on for pages on how they are different.

What Type of plastic in lacrosse heads?


Is the Reebok 10k shaft compatible with other lacrosse heads?

no, one example that it can't fit on is the crankshaft

Are real lacrosse stick heads bigger than fiddle stick heads?


Where can you buy a strung men's traditional leather head?

go to You can buy them their. Usually stores don't sell lacrosse heads pre-strung with traditional. it's usually soft or hard mesh

Can you string a girls lacrosse head with guy mesh?

Men's lacrosse heads can be strung a variety of ways. A men's lacrosse head is usually strung with 10 diamond hard mesh. A woman's lacrosse head is strung in a way called traditional. This type of stringing is required for regulation women's lacrosse. Men's heads can be strung traditional as well as long as the pocket meets the level of regulations such as NFHS or NCAA. Women's lacrosse heads have the ability to be strung with mesh, though it will not meet women's game regulations.

How much does lacrosse heads cost direct from factory?


Are lacrosse heads dishwasher safe?

Just the head probably with mesh no