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Q: Where can you buy an authentic FC Bayern Munich soccer jersey and does it have to include the soccer player's name to be authentic?
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Who are the most famous German soccer players?

Current well known German players include Michael Ballack a midfielder who plays for Chelsea, Lukas Podolski a striker who plays for Bayern Munich, Miroslav Klose another striker who plays for Bayern Munich and Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn who also plays for Bayern Munich.

How many African players in bayern Munich?


What football players are there in Germany?

Football (soccer) There are many football players in Germany here are a few greats: -Miroslav Klose (Bayern Munich) -Lukasz Podolski (FC Köln) -Bastian Schweinstiger (Bayern Munich) -Phillip Lahm (Bayern Munich) -Torsten Frings (FC Werder Bremen) -Jens Lehmann (VFB Stuttgart) -Michael Ballack (Chelsea FC) -Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) They also have good players in the Bundesliga. (Foreign players) -Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) -Hugo Armeida (FC Werder Bremen)

Who is better bayern Munich or juventus?

Bayern Munich

What country is Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is from Germany.

Who is the world's best soccer club?

Bayern Munich of the Bundesliga because of the supreme talent of Bayern Munich and that 5 players on Bayern Munich all play for the German National Team. They are also among the best Fusbal (Soccer) clubs in the world.

What is the Best Soccer Team in the World?

Bayern Munich has the best selection of players

Who won man utd or bayern Munich?

Bayern munich

Players to play for marseilles and bayern Munich?

Franck Ribery and Jean-Pierre Papin

Who is the main rival for Bayern Munich?

The main challengers to Bayern Munich are Schalke and bayern leverkussen.

What does bayern in bayern Munich stand for?

Bayern is the German word for Bavaria. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. The full name of the team is "FC Bayern München". München is German for Munich.

Where is Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is the name of a German soccer team. Bayern is a region in Germany and Munich is the city that is its capital. In English Bayern is more commonly known as Bavaria. It is in the southeast of Germany.

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