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The WD in Netball can only go in the centre 3rd and goal thrid but cannot go in the goal circle.

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2009-09-20 01:07:18
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Q: Where can wing defence go in netball?
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In netball where can wing defence player go to?

In netball where can wing defence player go to?

Where can the wing attack go in netball?

anywhere except for beyond the line to meet with their wing defence

Who marks wing defence in netball?

the WA; Wing Attack

Where is the wing defense allowed?

I play wing defence in netball. you can go in your third and the centre third but not in the semi circle

What positions ae there in netball?

in netball there is a goal shooter, goal keeper, goal attack, goal defence, wing attack, wing defence and centre

Who marks the WA in netball?

the other teams wing defence

In netball where on the court can wing defense go?

Wing defence can go up to the D of the opposing side and to the line in the center third nearest there own goal.

What are the positions in netball?

Goal Attack, Goal Keep, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Shoot, Goal Defence, Centre.

What does wing attack do in netball?

defends 'wing defence' and is on the side ready for the ball to be passed to them by 'centre'.

What are the different players in netball?

There is a center, wing attack, wing defence, goal attack, goal defence, goal keeper, goal shooter

What is a wd in netball?

in netball a wd, is a wing defence, their job is to defend the wing attack and stop them from getting the ball. sometimes the wing attack will have to help with center passes and penalties

What are the posistions in netball?

The positions in Netball are, C(Center) WA(Wing Attack) WD(Wing Defence) GA(Goal Attack) GD(Goal Defence) GS(Goal Shooter) and GK(Goal Keeper)

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