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In volleyball courts, there are area named: Searving area.

It is 10'.

There is a diagram...

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Q: Where can the server stand behind the end line when serving in volleyball?
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What line must you stand behind when serving in volleyball?

very last line in the corner

What line does a volleyball server stand behind?

The endline. Usually not the boundary around the entire court but the second one in.

How far away does the server stand from the net in volleyball?

(Indoor Volleyball) 10 normal paces away from the net for varsity, if you're serving overhand, if you are serving underhand, you must be at lease 15+ paces away from the net when serving. Changes may apply depending on your gym size.

How far do you stand from the net while serving a volleyball?

2 feet

How far away do you stand to serve a volleyball?

You should stand behind the line, to serve a volleyball. If you put one of your legs over the line, the serve won't count.

During the serve where must the receiver stand tennis?

The receiver must stand diagonally opposite to the server. For example, if the server is on the right side (thus serving to the server's left service box), then the receiver must stand to the receiver's right to be diagonally opposite to that of the server.

What is an end-line in volleyball?

It is the line you stand behind when you serve. It is the one in the way back.

How far away do you have to be to serve in volleyball?

If you are playing on an indoor court than you need to stand just behind the line.

Where do you sever from in volleyball?

Behind the out-of-bounds line. how far back from the line depends on what type of serve you are doing, if you are doing a jump serve you'll probably stand back a ways, if you are doing an overhand serve it depends on how strong of a server you are or how experience you are.

What is the line called which players must stand behind whilst serving in tennis?

Service line

Where does a server need to stand while serving?

I really have no idea. Go ask your mom.She should know the origin of thegame also

What is the difference between a server rack and a serving plate?

A serving rack is a tall, narrow stand that stores trays of food that will be served later. This rack is not brought out to customers. A serving plate is actually used to serve customers.

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